comfort in the form of familiar art – and a can of cheese whiz

For some time now I felt I needed to change my body of work.  This year, I’ve made a deliberate effort to make those changes to and in my art.  Specifically, I felt the need to move away from creating so much ocean/beach/topically inspired decor.  I wanted to grow my interests and experiment with new designs, ideas and medias.  I’ve done a pretty good job, I think of doing just that with the introduction this year of my Steam Whistles Designs.

Charles arrived home and asked – “How was your day?”

Me – “good.”

“Did you do anything exciting today?”

Me – “I made a pair of Fresca earrings.”


“What are Fresca earrings?”

Me – “Earrings made from Fresca soda cans.”


Far way from home and traveling with a group of friends, they knew I was about to crash and burn.  There we were in the K-mart purchasing toiletries, bear spray and kitchen items to get us through our next 10 days of vacation out in the wild west.  I had in my shopping cart, a can of processed plastic, chemical laden cheese in a can.  Completely, 100 percent out of character for me –  Miss I only purchase natural, real food, low in sodium and never canned and minimally processed – everything that Cheese Whiz is not.

When we got back to the place we were staying, the whispering had started.  Then some wise ass, took a photo with me and the plastic cheese, they thought it was a great idea to capture my melt down for future enjoyment.  They all chalked it up to the fact that I had become sick, which did play a part.  Perhaps I should admit that there could have been a bit of a hormonal imbalance going on too.  While I am being completely honest,  I’m just not a wild west kind of girl.  While the other women in the group were eyeing the boots, I was looking for the flip-flops.

Lost in my own world – I could hear someone calling my name, Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy – take a picture of this,  I was brought back to reality – there I was standing  among the great beauty of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the magnificent falls, and I was day dreaming about crashing waves on a beach shore line, – and of cheese whiz.  Yeah I was thinking about that can of Cheese Whiz and making a pair of earrings from the can.  Wouldn’t a pair of crab shaped earrings made from the graphics on the cheese can be cool?

Back home, I guess the melt down continued, because I found myself at the grocery store buying things I don’t normally buy, just so I could have the metal cans to play with.  This is where I say that instead of comfort food, I am indulging myself in comfort art.

It had been two weeks since I had been in my studio.  I unlocked the door and was immediately greeted by this enormous spider web and a gazillion spider babies – they seemed to have completely taken over the entire space.  I stood in the doorway, really wanting to go in and accomplish something, but I didn’t know what.  I did feel happy just to be back home and my little studio to look at all my familiar tools, and projects and various pieces and parts, even if they were all covered in webs.

I made the trip back to the studio a few more times staring and then the inspiration came to me.  There I was with my empty soda and juice cans and cheese whiz memories and I felt a crab coming on, then a palm tree, and soon a fish – well you get the picture.  I was back creating my old familiar beachy art, it was such a comfort, but I was working with a new medium and somehow I could justify my indulgence.

Bar-code crabs, and fish made from ingredient lists and daisy from the vegetables on a juice can, palm trees and seahorses come to life from brightly colored graphics that recently adorned soda cans.  Colorful and whimsical and comforting to me.

Gotta go, I hear the cheese whiz calling.

Until next time,



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