I don’t crack the coconuts myself

No big deal, no big hoopla, nothing special.  That’s what my husband told me he wanted for his birthday when I asked.

Except for one thing.

The same thing he wants every year.  For me to make him a home-made German Chocolate cake.

And did you know there isn’t any such thing over in Germany as a German Chocolate cake?  The cake is named after the chocolate that is used to bake the cake.  The dude that invented this chocolate was named Sam German and some little old lady down in Texas was the first to bake this cake back in the 1950’s and gave it the name German Chocolate cake.

When I was telling some friends recently that I was baking this cake for Charles for his birthday, they inquired as to which cake mix I used.  I replied that I don’t use a cake mix I make the cake and the icing from scratch.  Perhaps I sounded a little too sure of myself when I said it because one of the ladies eyes got very wide and she said do you crack the coconut yourself?

Uhh, no.

I managed to bake the cake and cook a respectable dinner for our dear friends over the weekend.  A nice meal, good friends and a quiet birthday celebration for my husband, just like he wanted.

Now everybody as loud as you can and often with lots of fan fare and hoopla wish Charles a happy birthday today!

If you are in the mood for an over the top cake experience here is the recipe I use.

Until next time,



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