Macro moment

Right here.  Right now.  This is what matters to me.  I’m passionate about learning photography.  I’m staying true to myself, and that is why I’ve posted this blog.

The lens was purchased while we were on vacation, as a gift from my husband.  I waited several days to place it on the camera and take my first photos.

I was scared, because of the investment of this lens, and secondly I needed time alone, in a quiet place.  Being that I am a novice and don’t have a clue how to use all this new equipment, it is a little intimidating for me to say the least.

I was in West Yellowstone, Montana at a Cabin we had rented for a week.

These are the surroundings where I found the perfect canvas.

Mule Deer Drive leading to our cabin

front of our cabin

I took a deep breath, placed my new lens on my camera and headed out to take my first pictures.  I wasn’t just scared of the new equipment, I was scared of bears.

snowmobile trails in front of cabin

Yes, you read that correctly, I was afraid a bear would lumber out of the woods and grab me while I was lost in my world with the camera.  I know that probably sounds silly, but a man had just been killed by a bear in the nearby area in recent days and we were in the wilderness.

back of cabin


Charles watched over me from a respectful distance, knowing I was afraid and wanted his company for reassurance, but wanting my space.

Some of these photos are good, many are not.  My first mistake was not using a tripod.


meadow flowers are my inspiration

Given my love of flowers, gardening and nature in general, I can’t think of a better place to have had the chance to experiment.  I’m loving what this lens can do.

The photos shown in the link below were taken using an EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM on a Canon EOS 60D.

Enjoy these macro snippets here.

Until next time,



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