blemishes bumps and blurps

Life is full of them.  Lately, I’ve been feeling my share.

Things the past couple weeks have most definitely been – well difficult.

I’ve had a girlfriend in an auto accident that totaled her car.  Another  girlfriend, that had her mother pass away.  My sister-in-law’s father passed away.  My parents were also  in an auto accident.  We had an upstairs leak that I discovered from down stairs.  My computer started acting wonky and will no longer read my CD’s/DVD’s.  Sunday we had a storm with lightning that struck our lines and took out our DSL.

It took at least 6 (SIX) phone calls to the service department and 3 (THREE) days to get a repair person out here.  Three days of missed on-line classes, three days of waiting for someone to show up.  Three days that I couldn’t communicate with the world.  Three days that I dressed in a presentable fashion –  that one is a doosy, as I don’t normally dress in a manner that would be suitable for guests.  And, because the last time we had the phone repair man here I got caught butt naked (that’s a long story) I didn’t want a repeat of that incident. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why it took so long to get someone here.

Putting it all into perspective.  I had time these past few days without the distraction of the internet.  I had time to do some canning that I have been putting off.

I headed out to pick some apples.

No internet also meant I watched the news on TV more than a normally do.  I really hate that.  I like being in my world oblivious to all the serious stuff.   The  recent issues with the stock market reinforced my gratitude for the life I am living now.  I’m so thankful that I no longer work in a brokerage firm.  The stress of a market like this is unimaginable.  The stress of me pouring myself into a pair of  hose, high heels and a business suit is beyond the stretching point of my stress-o-meter.

These new financial worries can only bode poor news for my industry, as well as most.  However, I am remaining positive in my thoughts, and reminding myself to be thankful where I am and what I have.  Really though – if you want to place an order with me  – it wouldn’t hurt my feelings – she says with a little laugh.

Yes, we had a leak in our bathroom.  It is an older home in need of new plumbing, new fixtures, new floor, well new everything.  We keep patching and patching and making do and getting by.  We keep dreaming about that someday when we have enough money to gut the bathroom and put in a new one.  When we dream big, we aren’t just putting in a new bathroom we are putting on an addition with a master bedroom and bathroom, downstairs of course.  This is so that as we age we no longer have to take the stairs.  Dreams – we all have them.  If we were not fortunate enough to own our home, none of this would matter.  So, again I am thankful.

My computer woes are a blurp that I have to just deal with.  I might grumble along the way though.

My friends that have recently lost their parents remind me to be thankful of the remaining time I have with mine, even on the days when dealing with a parent that has dementia can take every ounce of courage I have. It is a bump in the road of life.

My apples are covered with blemishes, and bad spots.  I have to work around them and it makes the task take even longer.

The end result is pretty rewarding.

A nice batch of apple nutmeg conserve.

Until next time,



8 thoughts on “blemishes bumps and blurps

  1. It is refreshing to see that you takes the bumps and turn them into opportunities for gratitude. My dream is to leave behind the job where I don’t have to dress in a presentable fashion – some day… But, I am very grateful that I have a job that allows me to pursue my not so cheap hobbies.

    P.S. The apples look yummy and I like your helper!

  2. Kim,

    What a beautiful post. Currently I am having some major bumps in my life, and in some crazy way, it is reassuring to know that I am not alone.

    And in the darkest hours, shoulders appear when we need them, thankfully.

    May your troubles be few in the near future, my friend!

    • Kim – I know you have much on your plate both professionally and personally, thank you for taking time to share your words with me. Changes in latitude my dear – hugs your way.

  3. Hello Kim,
    stopping by from the e-course. Sorry to hear about all the bumps in the road. Isn’t it crazy how life can throw everything at you all at once. Those apples would be great for cider! What is conserve, like an apple butter or jam? I usually just make applesause, last year we did cider. Your cabin pics look beautiful. It reminds me of Idaho where I lived for 8 years. Where are you at, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Looking forward to seeing more of your art.

    • Hi Tammy – your art is charming – the birds speak to my heart. I think we need to talk apples! I’ve never made cider so perhaps you might share some pointers? I’m thinking I would like to try that. The conserve is very thick with small chunks, much like a jam, first time I’ve made it. We drove through Idaho on our way to the cabin, my first time out that way. What beautiful country. I live in central VA, thought I lived out in the sticks until we drove through Idaho, Wyoming and Montana! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Kim – I came over from flying lessons. I really love your glass work, and I’d like to see more of it. Enjoyed this post. Makes me want apples and apple butter!

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