pick me

picking the right book.

To help me follow through with one of my learning objectives in the new course I am taking, I am going to start a journal.  This is where I will write my goals, express my fears and face new challenges.

I’ve thought of my blog as a journal.  I’ve written the words from my heart, shared my thoughts, secrets and daily adventures.  I’ve shared my photos and my art.  That’s a journal isn’t it?

The next step.

I have an old book that I use now as my doodle book.  This is where I have been drawing my ideas and my secrets. Many times when I can’t find the words to express how I am feeling, I sketch my ideas.  The pages are worn, yellowed and some are missing.  I think of this book as a living being, and it is much like I am – it is imperfect, and a work in progress.

However, I wanted to use another, different old book for my new journal, my new sketches, new ideas and my new beginning.  I wanted a new old book.  I could just purchase a brand new book with blank pages for my fresh start but that isn’t what I wanted.

After reading blogs, comments and words of encouragement of fellow artists that are attending this course with me, and listening to the instructor and reading from life coaches – a theme kept occurring.  The words that each one used may have been different, but basically the messages were all the same.

When you are trying to find the path that is right for you.

Follow the little voice within.

No matter how silly.

No matter how ridiculous.

No matter.

Just follow your inner voice

I headed out to my storage building where I keep my supplies for my mixed media art, to find my new journal.

This is the first book I saw.

the little voice said pick me

I thought to myself, I can’t just take the first book I see.  That would be boring, uncreative, and too easy.  No, it had to be a different book.

books with more interesting covers

I looked around for a while and finally pulled out a few books that stood out, and had more visual appeal.

I just love these graphics


I just kept coming back to the first one.  The back spine was missing in places, therefore I didn’t know the title or the contents.

It was that little voice.

It kept telling me this was the book.

I’ve heard that voice many times in my life and for whatever reason, I’ve chosen to ignore it.

Another voice would speak up and tell me to go this way instead of that.

This time.

This time I’m going to listen to the first voice, the little voice.

I opened that book to find out what it was.

William Wordsworth.  Wordsworth, really?  Oh come on, is that really the voice that is calling to me?

I laughed.

A play on words so to speak – worth of words.

But again with the little voice – go with it.  Loudly and more insistent.

The higher being that has given me the little voice was becoming more insistent.

Trust the voice.

I opened the book to investigate and I saw descriptive sketches.  I knew I had to listen to the voice, because that is what I call my doodles when I can’t find the words.

Now to personalize it and to make it mine.

That’s the next project, which I will share in another post.

Until next time,



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9 thoughts on “pick me

  1. Hello Kim 🙂 I got here through Kelly Rae’s Flying Lessons. I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am! I am also enjoying all the new connections I’ve made through doing the course. Everyone – including you – are doing such awesome things in their lives, despite the bumps in the road. Truly inspiring. I would LOVE to win your Daisy. It would reside in my favourite plant and be a daily reminder of the new network I am a part of 🙂

    Love and Light to you on this lovely August Sunday!

  2. Ya know, I commented on this blog earlier today while lying in bed. I was on my Blackberry and submitted but something must have gone askew. I was totally in the moment as I was relaxed, hadn’t begun running around doing chores and such.

    Anyways, I always find your blogs to be so beautifully and creatively written. They allow me to visualize and feel like I am floating into the story. Pick Me was no exception. I felt like I could feel what you were feeling, see what you were seeing and yes, even hear that little voice that you were hearing. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the surroundings you speak of. Maybe it’s because I admire and envy what you represent. Maybe it’s because I always wonder what’s inside that head of yours and when reading your blogs, and immersing myself into what you have written, I get just a little taste. Maybe it’s just because…..

    Whatever the reason, please keep it coming my friend. Oh and yes, please consider me for the drawing of the pinwheel daisy.


  3. Hi! Fellow “Flyer” here too, admiring your work! I am in awe….all your skills and presentation. Thank you for your inspiration! I look forward to getting to know you more in the FB workgroup, after all our “homework” is finished.

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  5. oh, i adore your inking up the doodle book… and also am inspired by old books. they smell good, too! just stopping in from flying lessons, glad to have found your blog!

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