fish of another color

I took a horrible ugly fall this morning.  Wham –  down on my face kind of fall.  It really shook me up, not to mention it hurt like        .  This doesn’t have anything to do with my blog, I’m just sayin.

I’ve been working on a commissioned piece.  This kind of work gives me love hate emotions.  I’m honored to do the work, but then I get all tied up in knots over it.  I have that, why can’t they just buy a piece that is already made feeling.  I don’t feel this way just because I am a grouch.  When a person buys a piece that is already made, it stands to reason that they have done so because they like it.  When I make a commissioned piece, I always worry that when it is done they are just saying they like because they feel obligated to say so.

It is a confidence game.  I get these overwhelming feelings on inadequacy, and the extreme need to please. If I didn’t care about the objects that I make, it wouldn’t matter so much.

I’m taking a course now that is helping me to deal with my confidence and to embrace those feelings of inadequacy and turn them around into something a little more manageable, and to honor myself by believing that the work I produce is acceptable.

A few years ago I came up with the idea that when I was doing  commissioned work, I would make three items in the style they wanted, and then let them choose which out of the three they preferred.  I thought it was a good solution to the problem, it made me feel better about the situation, and I could rationalized that they were getting a piece they really liked.  In the past I always felt I could sell the other 2 unclaimed pieces, no problem.  Well, times have changed with the economy and I’ve come to realize that I can’t afford to be stuck with that extra inventory.  This week I put an end to this practice, and made only one piece.  Besides, it was just time I believed a little more in myself.

It was very liberating. It doesn’t mean that I care less about pleasing my client, it just means that I am more confident in the ability to present an item to their satisfaction.

Normally I work with mostly bright colors, so when the lady I was working for gave me her color choice for the base – I thought – really?  I understand she wanted it to go with her kitchen and not everyone has a bright lime green kitchen like me, but still, I would have gone with the bright green – it’s all about me you know.

Olive green for the base

accents of orange, red, yellow and lime.  Yeah – I got some of my lime in there.

Looks kind of citrusy here doesn’t it?  When it was completed I found that I truly like the combination and will incorporate that in future designs.

Until next time,


Kim – 3 Wishes Studio

Some unfinished business.  I have a winner for last week’s Free Friday Giveaway contest.  However, I can not get in touch with the winner to find out how to get the daisy stake to her.  Laurie S. from flying lessons, if you are reading this I need you to get in touch with me.

8 thoughts on “fish of another color

  1. I hope you take some time today to sit in your beautiful garden and heal a bit.. and be CARE-full! falls are NOT on the things to do list for most of us!

    I love your fish! For me with commission work, If the person chooses me to do the work and if they approve of the design and the color and if the finished piece is one I would have in my home, then I “know” it will be fine with the patron.. and it always is even when it is not what they thought they “saw” in the drawings and glass choices. You do wonderful, creative, innovative work. Let yourself SOAR as you do your commission pieces… Thanks for posting.

    • Kim – I’m taking Flying Lessons – an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts. It is a five week class, I have a short attention span so it is a challenge for me to be in the moment all the time! LOL

  2. Hi Kim! I think I’m the Laurie S. you’re looking for! YAY for me! I never win things and I didn’t expect to win this 🙂 I sent you my contact details via email through your 3wishes Studio web site.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful, authentic post. Your commissioned piece turned out beautifully and you are setting a good example for me to follow – having more confidence in myself. I love flying with you and the others in this flock!

    • Good Morning all you lovely ladies and the flying crew – thank you for stopping by the blog and leaving your kind heartfelt comments. Helps this introvert not feel so out there and exposed.!

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