I went on a multi week holiday, leaving home in Virginia in the wee hours of the morning as Hurricane Irene was blowing through town, driving for sixteen hours to our destination in Florida.

Our traveling companion guides us every step of the way.

While I was away, I felt the urge to create something so I headed out to a local craft store.  While I was there, I thought surely I would either get arrested or at the very least, get escorted out of the store.  As I was strolling through the aisles, I was having a personal utopia moment.  I could hear myself gasping and ooohhing and aaahhhing aisle after aisle.  This was a crafting mecca, things I had only dreamed of finding, things I had been searching for years back home and yet had never found, were right there on the shelves.  It was pure ecstasy and I had the shakes.  I had to keep reminding myself I was on vacation with a limited budget and limited room in the car to accommodate multi purchases.  I managed to get myself in order and make only a few basic purchases.

Back at the house I set up a temporary crafting area out on the lanai, in the shade and under the cooling breeze of the spinning ceiling fans.

Some basic paint.

Thread to sew the button back on my pants that popped, due to all the wonderful food I was eating.

Colorful markers for doodling.

I managed to get a tiny bit of  doodling done, before I was over-come by the fumes of the stain Charles was using on the concrete around the pool.

I moved out to the back yard and set up another little work area under the shade of the mahogany tree.

I started working on my project which was to paint a mask on the bootings from a palm tree.

I trimmed up the dead spikes off of the Spanish bayonet – intending to use them as “hair” on the mask.

Too many distractions.

The water behind the house proves to be a play ground for so much wild-life and I’m just itching to use the camera.

First the green heron distract me.

Then Charles tells me to come look at a turtle.

The next thing I know I see, a tri-color heron.

I found this duck sleeping.  I just couldn’t help myself she was so sweet, I just had to keep taking her picture.

I followed her down to the water.

Where I found another duck

Turns out that I didn’t finish any projects there were too many other distractions.  I did however bring home a large stash of shells, driftwood, palm bootings and coconuts to put to future crafting use.

It is good to be back home and my little purple studio is calling me.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

4 thoughts on “distractions

  1. Kim,

    Loved your description of being in the craft store. Made me smile out loud. If you are ever in Florida again and need a place to stash some of your finds, I can help. No need to limit oneself, me thinks.

    Glad you are all safe from the storms. Love your traveling companion. We’ll be on the road in a couple of weeks with our two. Yeoooooow.

    Happy creating!


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