a certain silliness

I’m laughing at my neighbor – they don’t know it.  I hide behind my camera and zoom in from a distance and snap a few photos.

Is that rude?

I’m not exactly stalking them.   However. I remain hidden behind bushes in my yard.

Would their dignity and honor be offended?

Is it fair to poke fun and receive great amusement at their expense?

I know with a fair amount of certainty they don’t read my blog – so I don’t risk discovery.

You know that old saying a face that only a mother could love…

The profile isn’t so bad, and really those eyelashes  – what I wouldn’t give to have a set like that.

But get a look at that nose and those teeth!

Oh, and did I mention the ears?

a certain silliness – is good now and again!


Until next time,


3 Wishes Studio

8 thoughts on “a certain silliness

  1. When I started reading your post I wondered – did she really post about her neighbours ???? What on earth … maybe they will stumble upon it eventually, that would be bad … and than I started to grin, big time! Thank you for a funny read and wonderful pictures!

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