misty blue

I’m not ready for summer to come to an end.

I’ve noticed an increase in activity around my gardens with the flying creatures.  At least a zillion dragonflies buzzing and dodging.  The butterfly are dancing along as are the bees.  The humming birds are storing up for their long flight south.

I spotted this butterfly with torn wings –  it too seemed to be clinging to the last of the warm weather activities.


I really don’t like cold weather.

I unexpectedness received a phone call today from a friend inviting me to join her for lunch.  I’m glad I got her call not only because we had a nice visit over lunch, but it made me stop working on my sewing project only to realize that all the work that I had done that morning was completely out of whack and all of it had to be taken out and re-done.  EERRRGGGHH!  Now that I’ve had my little break I can start over with a fresh eye.

Something about seeing her also reminded me that I had promised to do a free Friday Giveaway this week.

In honor of all the buzzing beings in my garden I am going to give this fused glass and copper inclusion dragonfly pendant  to a lucky reader on Friday.

Just leave a message on the comment section saying you would like to be included in the give away.  I will draw a random name from the comments and contact you on Friday.

Read Contest Rules Here.

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

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