cowardly lion

My sweet baby,  Mr. Bonez gave us quite the scare just the other day.

We rushed him up to the vet.  I’m breathing heavily and having the worst hot flashes, Charles is driving at a normal all is well speed trying to be the calm in the middle of the storm.   Mr. Bonez is quite vocal in his opposition to the entire event.  The 15 minute drive seemed to take an eternity.

Once we arrived we were rushed immediately into a private cell room (the padded walls were for me, not the cat).  We had to see a doctor that we are unfamiliar with, so I felt all out of sorts trusting a doctor I didn’t know with my precious cargo.  Charles said the doctor talked too much.  I just kept hearing woomp woomp woomp, just like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  The heat was rising up and over my hands and chest and into my head and deep into my eye sockets and my ears were ringing.  Was I going to pass out?  Worse, I was about to start crying, you know that total blathering like an idiot thing – in public, I was most certainly coming unglued.

Ah menopause combined with a little family emergency it is times like this I think there should be a little pause button that I can press to just stop the world while I get myself back together.

Mr. Bonez spent the night in the hospital after being given anesthesia and treated and was able to come home the next day.  I’ll just leave the details out and say that the issue was with his back door area.  A full recovery is expected.

I had short-lived illusions that I was going to be able to spend our hard-earned money from the yard sale towards one of those many home improvement projects that seem to keep being put on the back burner.  Foiled again, every single penny I brought in went straight to the vet.

The main thing though is that our little (ok, not so little) baby is back home and on the road to recovery.

Obviously Mr. Bonez feels better, but oh the new hair cut – that is going to take some getting used to.  Charles says he looks like the cowardly lion.  He looks rather pathetic in a laughable way.

The doctor must have had a sense of humor when she was giving him the full body shave – she left a lovely fancy plume at the tip of the tail – and I must say Mr. Bonez is quite proud of it and sashay through the yard waving it in all his grand glory.  Oh and the fluffy front cuffs they are magnificent too.

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “cowardly lion

  1. Ahhh….I’m sorry to hear about sweet baby Mr. Bonez! But, glad to hear he’s on the mend. And, I personally love the new doo! [pun intended]

    Hugs to all…..

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