fish and art for sale

Recently we purchased a couple of pieces of art at a very unlikely place – the fish monger.

Charles and I had stopped in to purchase some fresh seafood to cook up for dinner and left with two new (new to us), pieces of art.

Charles and I happen to love old paintings of ships and boats.  We dream of some day having our own boat.  Since that is unlikely to happen any time soon, or perhaps ever – but you have to dream; the paintings keep the dream alive.

There was art for sale in the shop, however the two pieces that we ended up purchasing were part of the owners personal collection and were not for sale – but you know the old saying for the right price…

I got so tickled by all the signage and bright colors I went outside and took lots of photos while Charles brokered a deal for the art and the fish.  Sorry the lens had sea spray on it and so the photos have spots on them.

Until next time,



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