unknown mystery

some of the names were changed to protect the innocent

Cast of characters:

Clark, Henry, Wynnie, Joey – living cats

Betsy – living dog

Woody, Betty, Otis – not so living cats

“a friend” – scared person

Charles and I are fortunate to have a number of  family and friends that come out to our place and stay/visit when we are away – of course if they read this, they may not be willing to do so in the future…

“A friend” contacted me recently to share a story about a visit she had made to my house sometime ago when I was away from home.  She waited a long time to share this story with me and I think the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  With Halloween right around the corner and the fact that just the other night at Mark and LaDonna’s house we were swapping ghost stories around the campfire and I shared that I thought our house had a resident spirit.

I received an email titled Unknown Mystery in which “a friend” shared that the following had occurred at our house while we were away.

In her words:

I was doing my usual evening routine of watching tv and cuddling with the cats.  Wynnie was on my lap, as well as Clark.  Everyone else was also settled in, except for Joey.  Betsy began howling out in front of the house, so I got up to see what she was carrying on about.  She was staring at the house while she was howling.  Not thinking anything of it I told her to calm down and I’ll be out in a while to give her more cuddle time.  When I went back inside, Henry was under the table on the left.  I knelt and started to give him some quality time and out of the corner of my eye, saw Wynnie jump down off the chair.  I then felt a tugging on the hood of my sweatshirt.

Not turning around, I told Wynnie to stop (as I assumed it was her) since she already had her share of attention.  I then felt it again, and again brushed my hand behind me to get Wynnie to move and told her to cut it out.  I felt it a third time and actually turned around to move her and realized Wynnie was quietly up by the kitchen eating.  Hmmmm.  Wiggled around a bit to see if the hood of my shirt was catching on something somehow.  Not that.  Then, I told everyone gotta go and I’ll see them tomorrow in the daylight.  (We’ve been watching a lot of Ghost Hunters and my mind got to thinking, uh-oh.)
Relayed the story to my daughter who thought I was nuts and I told her to come with me the next evening and we’ll talk to this thing and see if we get an answer.  As I was giving attention to everyone I told her to talk to this thing and let’s see if there is something.  She wouldn’t do it either, using the excuse her boyfriend was waiting and we really needed to go.  I’m choosing to believe (and hoping) that if it is “something or someone” and not just my imagination, that it’s Woody, Otis or Betty who were just trying to get their cuddle time also.

So tell me, anything strange going on that you would like to share.  Charles said you used to have people talking on your porch?  We’ll have to look into this more.  There’s safety in numbers.

Charles thinks you’ll most likely blog this. If you do, no names, just say a friend was over.  Can’t have everyone thinking I’m crazy!

Okay – so that was the email that I received from” a friend” – by the way she hasn’t spoken to me since she sent the email… hope everything is okay.

Every home that Charles and I have lived in, we have been told by at least one friend that there has been some sort of strange event that scared the begeezes out of them.   It kind of makes me wonder if we are being followed by a spirit.  I mean really, what do you think the odds are of us living in three separate houses that have spirits?

Do you believe?

Do you have a story to share?

Should I tell the rest of this story?

Until next time,



Post script – in the middle of writing this story – my computer mysteriously stopped working for several days and then just as mysteriously started functioning normally.  I’m just sayin’

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