sew shall ye reap

Down in Florida this summer during ladies week,  I mentioned that I was interested in getting a sewing machine.

I don’t know how to sew.  However, I figured I could do some basic straight sewing for craft projects.

A week after that conversation, my friend Karen called with great news –  she had a sewing machine for me.  How cool is that?

I love textiles, old and new.  I had the opportunity recently to go through my stash and acquaint myself.

I felt this fabric calling me to sew up some new projects.

I got the machine, set it up and was so excited.  I even named the machine, Lady White.

Sadly, Lady White doesn’t work and not worth putting the money into fixing.

I’m disappointed.  But, I’m going to take her apart and use the parts to create something for my steam-punk line.

Meanwhile, here are some of the projects that I have been working on this week.

Mixed media inspired by a tree a saw the other night leaving my art group meeting.

bringing my plants inside before the cold snap and taking time to love them with the camera.  Collecting the last of the garden herbs.

Doesn’t the tip of the flower on the Thai Basil look like an angel?

I’m loving this cute, cute grey tree frog I found in the palm tree.

Aren’t his eyes just beautiful – they remind me of the glass planets created by Josh Simpson.

It was our turn to host poker Friday night so I made soup from ground chicken and turkey sausage, white beans and the last of the tender herbs from the garden and a big batch of corn bread.

Covered up the pepper plants last night to protect from frost.  It seems so long ago that I sowed all those little seeds and waited for them to grow.

They did grow.

I’m thinking stuffed poblano’s for dinner.

This morning Charles is bringing fire wood up to the house, need to get the wood stove going.  He has been splitting and stacking wood for the past four weekends.

Charles and my dad cut down this tree in our back yard last week.

Thinking about a new wood stove in our future.  This is the one we picked out.

Isn’t it lovely?

What cool weather projects are you working on, or thinking about?

Sending y’all warm thoughts.

Until next time,



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2 thoughts on “sew shall ye reap

  1. Doesn’t work? Bummer…..we’ll find you another one though. Parts is parts as they say! Love some of that colorful material you have. Those peppers, can they be strung up and hung to dry? What a way to decorate and liven up with a bit of color. Sure would look pretty in my kitchen. LOL

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