standing by my sister

I got an order this week for a custom piece – which really put my tail feathers into a puff.  I’ve been putting off doing any work in the studio.  Making one excuse after another not to work in there.  I’ve been working outside, at the kitchen table and in my office – but not in the studio.

That earthquake we had a few months ago did a number out there and I just closed the door and walked away from it.  I didn’t want to deal with the clean up.  Yes there was broken glass and some broken merchandise but mostly it was the overwhelming clutter and dirt.

The ceiling is open to the rafters with a few boards thrown up here and there that have junk thrown on top of them.  I inherited this set up so it has been that way for probably sixty years or better. Up in the rafters there was/is dust dirt, dead bugs, snake skins and unknown brown crunchy bits coating everything.  Not to mention pieces parts of the old roof that was replaced back in 2003 when Hurricane Isabel came to town and put a tree into the roof.  The earthquake brought all of this down onto every single surface.  ICK = just close the door and ignore it, until I was forced to deal with it.

Long before the earth started shaking I had been nursing this fantasy about taking everything out of the studio, giving the entire thing a good cleaning and then painting everything from top to bottom white.  My eyes say it is too dark in the studio – they aren’t as young as they used to be.  However, with the damage I suffered a few years ago to them, they don’t tolerate bright lights so I have this constant battle between not being able to see, and feeling like I have interrogation lights aimed at me. With cold weather on our door step it is unlikely that fantasy will be addressed any time soon.

Another thing I have been putting off is deciding when and if I was going to have my yearly holiday open studio sale.

During lunch with my sister yesterday, we did some brainstorming and decided to have a joint sister art show event – something we have never done.  Mark your calendars for a three-day extravaganza December 9,10 &11th, 2011, here at the studio.

standing by my sister


our story through our creations

art that will make you laugh, cry and think

it must have been something in our parents drink!

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio

Holly Olinger

6 thoughts on “standing by my sister

  1. I’ve never experienced Holly’s work and I’m excited to finally do so! Why didn’t I remember that you had a sister that was as talented as you are! And no, you are not a dumb blonde! You are one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever known and which of of course is why I keep you in my life! LOL

  2. Wow! I had no idea you were affected by the earthquake in the way- yuck!
    I am glad you and your sister are going to have a studio holiday sale. That sounds like so much fun – I wish I lived closer so I could stop by. You’ll have to post pics so we can experience it vicariously.

  3. I like the twinkle lights in your space. Cleaning up is never fun, but the reward of playing in the studio will be worth it. Especially as it get cold and the garden excuse doesn’t work as well. I go through periods of avoidance too. I think it is just a natural cycle. I wish I could stop by the show!

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