405 on the rail

Last November, our friends Karen and Ned invited us to the Montpelier Hunt Races, and that was it, I was hooked.  They each have ties that make our day at the races special.  Ned’s grandfather was a jockey and his Dad, Master of Fox Hounds at Keswick Hunt Club for over 30 years.  Karen, has family ties to Montpelier.

This year Karen and Ned reserved a spot on the rail – it was my ticket to camera heaven.  It was a gloriously beautiful fall day, the trees were blooming fire and just the right chill was in the air.

What is a race without the Tail Gate?


A jockey walks the track


Parade of the Keswick Fox Hounds

Just plain silliness with fake bad teeth and mustaches in all the wrong places.

Picking a horse

Montpelier is a National Steeplechase event – with seven races run at 2 mile three furlongs over National Fences.

A quick hello to Ned from an old family friend.

Let the races begin!

The next to the last race and things went wrong, horribly wrong.  In an instant we are reminded how very dangerous this sport is.

Somber and quiet fell on the thousands as we all held our breath and then the whirling thunder of Pegasus broke the air.

Our prayers are with the family of the jockey and of course, all the horses that were involved.

After a long delay, the last race was run, and in an instant they were flying by in reverse direction – a fast and exhilarating end to a fabulous day.

I won!

Until next time,



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