if i could change the world


A visit to the doctor this week ended up reminding me of some things that I know, but somehow forgot to keep in my mind.  After discussing the reasons that I had gone there, he opened the door by asking me a question about an unrelated issue.  I expect I gave him more of an earful than he bargained.  After a brief pause he said to me that there were just some things in life that I couldn’t change.

ARRGGGG  –  did that ever piss me off.  I was absolutely furious and got the well, you just watch me attitude.  Then I went out to my car and sat out in the parking lot and cried.  After a few minutes I had a real moment of wow – isn’t that just liberating.  I need to just let it go because I can’t change it.  I knew that, I guess I just forgot.  Sometimes we (I) need to be reminded.

This week Uncle Richard passed away – while Charles and I didn’t spend regular time with him and Aunt Dorthy when we did, they always made us feel so special and that they were truly happy to see us.  What a gift they had.

At the funeral home the other night, I was asked if I would take Uncle Richard’s dog, Bella.  Aunt Dorothy is not able to care for Bella.  Before I could even utter a word, the sensible one in our relationship spoke up and said that we did not need to take on any more animals.

I got to thinking about my furry babies and what would happen to them if something unexpectedly happened to us.  As I fell to sleep that night I held on extra tight to my bundles of joy.

I can’t help it, I keep thinking about Bella and how she must be missing her companion.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “if i could change the world

  1. yes, the serenity prayer is an old friend of mine. it seems to help with most of my (frequent) crazy moments. take good care of yourself during this tender time. it sounds like you are. xo

  2. What about Aunt Dorothy, she is alone now. Wouldn’t she be lost without Bella? If she has to give up Bella, you could post her on FB…very sad. Its hard for pets to go into a shelter after having a loving home for years.. Life isn’t fair, but we know that, time for another Serenity prayer.

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