box of broken stars

Have you seen that commercial where the man is working on a new cement sidewalk and this adorable little boy walks straight up the middle of the wet cement – ruining all the hard work and sweetly says “hi” – then the announcer says – patience, pass it along.

I had one of those moments.

I’m in the studio working and on the floor beside me is a box of stars fresh from the kiln.  Betsy, my beagle comes running in at full steam – tail wagging prancing around so very happy to see you mom and jumps into the box of stars and breaks every single one.

Any ideas what to do with a box of broken stars?

This week I spent a few days updating my holiday photos for my various web pages.  Trying to take advantage of the last of the mild weather and take the photos outside where the light is best.

I bring my inventory and props outside.

I manage to take a few photos before the distractions take over.

There is the cat to be dealt with.  No, he didn’t break anything – other than my concentration.

Mr. Bonez  you have to hold me now!

After repeatedly removing him from the table and the items I am trying to photograph he gets mad and decides to take it out on the dog.

Wake-up you stupid dog!

I’m so easily distracted and before I know it, I am taking pictures of other things.

Like this

and this

and this

oh and this too

Finally someone to hold the cat!

Well, you get the picture – uh pun intended.

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “box of broken stars

  1. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who uses that process to take photographs. No wonder it takes so long! Great pictures though and I love your new holiday plates.

  2. I think those broken stars would look just dandy in a clear glass vase and your small garden stakes set inside to create an unusual type of ‘arrangement’! Just be sure not to set it outside on a table where the wind can whip in and take it down. Sturdiness is always the key an that includes in life. That’s right, I like to consider myself “sturdy”. 🙂

  3. Brokem stars, broken dreams, broken hearts— ” with all its broken dreams, sham and drudgery, its still a beautiful world”

  4. Hi everybody – thanks for your lovely thoughts! I want y’all to know that as I type this I have several of those broken stars loaded in the kiln with a new project under way! Can’t wait. At Kim Radatz – I can smell Florida air from here – jealous!

  5. it’s kind of neat how mistakes often lead to new (and better) creative endeavors! mr. bonez, you are TOO cute for words! those eyes. is he a scottish fold?

  6. the sandpiper napkin holders are cute! The little glass “spoon rests”? are cute…tea bag holders? with the presents on them! cute cat and good to see Betsy again.

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