st germain

men (in tight little shorts) riding their bikes through the french alps picking little white flowers – there is a visual for you. (okay I made up the part about the tight shorts).

The rest of it is true.  And the beginning of an incredible artisanal created french liquor – called St. Germain.

Stay with me.

I’ve been hosting  my family for Thanksgiving for many years and this past Thursday was no exception.   Several years ago, I was hosting my parents for the day and we had decided that while the turkey was cooking we would work on some projects together.  Charles and my dad went outdoors to work on a project and my mom and I went up to one of the bedrooms and began putting up a wall-paper border.  After an hour or so I realized that it was kind of odd that I had not begun to smell the turkey cooking and perhaps it was time I went down and checked on the progress.  Much to my horror, I realized that I had forgotten to turn on the oven.  For twenty years now I have been faithfully reminded by various family members not to forget.

This year, I was off the hook because my sister offered to smoke a turkey and bring it over – BTW she nailed it!

In my mind, if you don’t have mashed potatoes with lots of gravy for Thanksgiving, you might as well not have a meal.   Since I knew I wasn’t going to have the drippings from the turkey this year to make my gravy, I went to the trouble of roasting a whole chicken a few days ahead so that I could use those drippings.  I made a wonderful gravy – not too thick, not too runny no lumps and perfect seasoning.  Ah bliss.

Wham – back to reality.

As I was pulling everything from the stove and about to call everybody to the table, I realized I forgot to make the potatoes.

I’m never going to hear the end of this one – another twenty years of smart A comments from the family.

Okay so back to the men on those bicycles.   My sister made this  pictured above, which calls for

St. Germain.

 A very unusual liquor made from the blossoms of white Elderflower, which the bicycle riding Frenchmen harvest.

 Every thing about this stuff is truly beautiful – those French I swear they could make a worm look elegant.  The bottle is stunningly beautiful in an art deco sort of Gothic  kind of way.  The labeling is beautiful and classy, there is a little recipe booklet included with drawings and recipes that I would love to create a mixed media collage.

Ridiculous, I know – I’m gushing about alcohol and it isn’t tequila .

My lady friends –  this year for our week down in Florida, our morning mimosa will be replaced with St. Germain and Champagne – heavenly! You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Hope you all had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Until Next time,



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9 thoughts on “st germain

  1. I would have loved to have been at your house on Thanksgiving! I loved smoked turkey and your gravy sounded yummy. I have never heard of St. Germain, so I am excited to give it a try. I love your pics, especially those with that beautiful bottle.

  2. Kim – do you think canned segmented mandarins would work instead of the whole? Darn, now I can’t get men in tight shorts out of my mind! 😉

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