four square

I just came in from spending all weekend working on getting the tents set up for the studio open house next weekend.  Daylight is fading and so am I.

Sometimes I have to wonder, do I have a clue?  We have been putting up tents for shows for fourteen years now, and I swear you would think we had never done it before.  It wasn’t that we ran into any real problems it just seemed as though it took forever.  Well, it did.

Part of the problem is that I have four tents set-up square – the most that I have ever done.  At first I thought I would have so much room to work with, but as always, I seem to run out.

I look at this mess and I wonder how can I ever make this look like what I have in mind – if only I could make up my mind what it is that I want.

I have a big sister.  Do you have an older sibling?

She is going to be here selling her art-work too.  This is the first time we have sold our work together.  I’m nervous, because I want it to be a good weekend for both of us.

We couldn’t be more different.  Our personalities are completely different as is our work, and that, I think is what is going to make this open house really unique.  There will be such a diverse array of styles and objects to satisfy all kinds of tastes and budgets.

I’ve been walking our property the last few weeks, looking for just the right little cedar tree to put in my booth.  I cut it down this morning.

little presents under the tree

I have new designs that will be for sale next weekend.

Like the new crab platter pictured above – there is one with a lobster too.  But, I guess the biggest thing I have been working on is my photography and I will have that available for purchase for the first time.  Pins and needles – that’s all I’ve got to say.

Things are starting to come together pretty good.

I’m turning the tents into a winter wonderland.

I’ve had plenty of four-footed help too.

Until next time,



Please join my sister and I for the Two Sisters Show at the 3 Wishes Studio Holiday Open House and Sale

Sat. Dec. 10th – 9-5

Sun. Dec. 11th 11-5

One thought on “four square

  1. Kim,

    How great that you and your sister can do this together. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Which I hope it is for both of you. Being different is a blessing, as I have learned from being a twin-you’ll fill in each others’ blanks and be a stronger team for it. And it’ll make the show stronger too.

    Best of luck, wish I could be there!

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