Lately I’ve been taking to creepin’ around outside, by moon light in the wee hours of the morning.  Dressed in my PJ’s and hot pink snoopy slippers, hoping I don’t get caught.

This morning I did, though.

But before I start doing that creepin’ around…

I have to tell you, my absolutely favorite time of the year is right now.  Early morning before the sun has come up.  I like to sit quietly in the dark with only the Christmas lights on.  I’ll have a cat or two, or maybe three, sitting on my lap purring gently.  A cup of coffee in hand, laced with a dollop of  my homemade vanilla sugar cream. The house is very still and the only other sound comes from the clocks ticking gently throughout the house.

This calm may only last a half an hour, but oh what joy I have.

Then I start creepin’ around outside with the camera.

I’m mesmerized by the colors in the sky.

I sure hope you are able to find some peace and calm to enjoy in your hectic schedule this holiday season.


Until next time,



11 thoughts on “creepin’

  1. Very good. Best hour of the day. wish you could have seen it sometimes when I was crossing the Bridge Tunnel at dawn going to the Shore.

  2. Beautiful pictures – your post is such a good reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty that is all around if we just stop long enough to notice. I enjoy sitting in the dark with the Christmas lights on, too. The light is so soft, gentle and soothing!

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