In October when I had a yard sale I was left with a  bunch of old, tired and less than desirable Christmas decorations that didn’t sell.

At which time I had the brilliant idea that this Christmas, instead of going up and down the attic steps a gazillion times hauling box after box of decorations; that I would challenge myself to use all those unsold crummy ornaments.  I packed them up and put them in a place that would be easy to reach come December.

Then I talked myself out of it, ’cause I really love Christmas and I love to decorate and I have so many beautiful old ornaments.

And just any ole crummy yard sale ornament wouldn’t do.

But then something unexpected occurred.

I got super busy with orders.  Busy like I haven’t been in years.

Time was getting away from me and I got tired of looking at my naked Christmas tree.  I decided it was going to be those old crummy un-loved ornaments or nothing, because I was running out of time and energy.

I pulled out all those ratty tatty ornaments and got to work.

Mr. and Mrs. Clause – you can hardly even tell where the mice have been chewing on them.

A gold bell missing half of the glitter.

A dirty snowflake

What does a penguin have to do with anything?

Not sure about this blue kind-of -fury glittery ornament

Dancing Santa

A little twinkling and glowing from the white lights and I’m loving my tree and all those crummy ornaments!

Some of my vintage and antique decorations were put up in the kitchen before Thanksgiving, I’ve never gotten around to putting up the finishing touches.

No matter, I’m loving the glow from it all.

These plastic candles from the 40’s are one of my personal favorites.  Charles rescued them years ago out of an attic he was doing work in.  The owners did not want them and told him he could have them.

There’s a snowman too.

A tiny village beside the kitchen door.

and one under the tree

another by the front door

Top of the refrigerator is covered in twinkle lights and Santa.

The bar glows  – is it wrong to have the choir boy candles on the bar?

Hope you have a little glow to warm your home too.

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “glow

  1. There are some other old things lying around at our house too. Problem is they keep wanting to eat when they should be decorating, wrapping, etc. But shared pics make it all worth while.

  2. You are brilliant! You have such a wonderful touch for creating magic. I adore the plastic candles your tree has icicles on it! We used to do that when I was a kid…LOVE it! If we don’t talk before then, have a beautiful holiday!

  3. Early Merry Christmas to you and Charles. Love the old ornaments and love the glow. I’m getting my glow on with glass of White Zin right now. 🙂 Looking forward to lunch in a few days!

  4. they’re all magnificent, I’m so glad you kept them. These are so special, you must have so many beautiful memories tied up in these decorations. Merry Christmas I wish you and your family a beautiful relaxing holiday season xxx

  5. Better ldea!! Keep the decorations, build a bigger house so you can show all of them. Sell aDMISSION TICKETS TO PAY FOR THE NEW HOUSE.

  6. super cute, kim! i know this is a bit late, but i’m LOVING the ornaments, especially the funny blue furry one! super cute vintage-style. happy new year! xo

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