catnip and poizin

Writing a blog is much like exercise.  When you do it regularly it doesn’t seem so bad, miss a bit and getting back in the swing seems a little daunting.

Christmas came and I got sick. I had to miss out on my husband’s family gathering – pooh.

My sister gave me Poizin for Christmas, which I was well enough to enjoy by New Year’s eve night.

No, that isn’t my sister – although people always ask if we are sisters.  That’s my buddy – LaDonna.  We were at the pizza and pajama new year’s eve party at our friends house.

Earlier on New Year’s Eve day I spent several hours at the veterinary hospital with an injured cat.  TC had a boo boo, fortunately I got it early and a full recovery is expected. However, with him still having some of his feral nature intact getting him there was a bit of an ordeal; kitty downers were needed.  We had to wrap him up in a blanket burrito style.

Vet told me that it was especially important that since TC only has three legs, that we keep his weight down.  I already knew that.  He needs to lose 2 pounds.  Think we will go on an exercise plan together.  So, if  you come by and see me and That Cat out in our little walking shoes cheer us on.

TC received his own Christmas gifts from his pen-pal, Chet.

Chet belongs to a wonderful couple we met last spring at the studio open house.  Isn’t Chet beautiful, his owner took that photo of him and made it into a beautiful card.   TC and Chet began corresponding this summer and are enjoying an internet relationship.




TC says this stuff is so good, I don’t need pain meds today!

Hope all was good for you and yours over the holidays.

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “catnip and poizin

  1. Our pets really are members of the family! I love that TC has a penpal. That’s a lot like when I posted about our Molly having a sleep over with her pal, Annie. They’re all so loveable!

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