in the studio

Here is the studio in a rather deplorable state.  The white curtain separated the display area from the work area.

I recognized that some bad habits had crept into my work schedule.  The one that was really bothering me is one of the things that makes it so great to live the life that I do – being a carefree artist living out in the country with no close by neighbors.

My Momma told me things that you love most when taken to extreme are the things that will drive you the craziest.

I had developed the habit of spending all morning in my PJ’s schlepping around the house, in front of the TV and the computer and a tin of  Christmas cookies.  Next thing I knew it was noon and I hadn’t accomplished anything.  At that point it was so easy to continue on that course.

I decided the other day that I would immediately get out of bed, take my shower and get dressed before I headed downstairs to the coffee and cookies  computer to check my messages.

I like to think it was divine intervention, ’cause when I checked my messages that morning, I had an order that for me to fill, I need to be dressed and out in the studio with the glass saw running at full speed.  A wake up call so to speak.

I’ve put down the box of cookies and I am working on practicing a better work routine.  Don’t get me wrong, I still wear my PJ’s out in public more than I should.

I am teaching a glass fusing class in two weeks  here at the studio so I’ve been quite busy trying to clean up and make  room for the students.  This is going to really be fun.

Really, I’m making progress.  The curtain has come down.


lots of supervision


And yes, there really is a work table under there somewhere…

I’ve got to get back to work, more later.

Until next time,



7 thoughts on “in the studio

  1. BRAVE lady to post those pics! thanks for doing so .. There are many of us in the same boat and it seems we are mutually inspired to clear and clean…

    Glass is your business as it it mine; others work in different media .. BUT, if this is a business, we should be looking at our time that way, I think.. While we are home-based for many good reasons, we must also present the “serious business” person to the world or we risk not being taken seriously,,,Ideally, I am in my studio no later than 8 am each day and I work through until at least 4:30.. There are distractions that take me away, of course, but I try to plan on this schedule at least 4x/week and use day for for all of the running and other stuff..
    Thanks for addressing this topic. ..

  2. Thanks for sharing your studio. It is big! And, I like your supervisor! You inspired me to get to work in my studio this weekend. My work table has become a dumping ground these past few months. My habits need an overhaul as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. How brave to post photos, and yet it all looks so cozy and charming! True, the work bench may need a teeny tidying but then you’d be muttering about how you have to actually go and open drawers and haul things out when before they were right there at your fingertips. The rule is: as long as you know where to find things, everyone else’s opinion doesn’t count.

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