I might have mentioned before that I get bored easily.  That I have multiple personalities that enjoy creating many things in many different styles.  Okay I don’t really have multiple personalities, my friends know that is what I call my mood swings.  Just one of those things we women of a certain age experience.

Every now and again, I get stuck in a rut and need to shake things up a little.  I’m taking two separate photography classes.  These classes are creative, not technical in nature.  I think they will help me be a better photographer and a better artist.

I took advantage of one last day of mild, dry weather yesterday and spent a few hours with the camera following through with some of my course exercises.

My subject was my studio.

First I spent time outside enjoying the weather and different views of the studio.

Looking at it in a different perspective.

Last post I mentioned that I am currently giving the studio an overhaul getting prepared for teaching glass fusing classes in a few weeks.  All that stuff provides plenty of camera time.

I have so much stuff pulled out, to clean and throw out and re-arrange.







Number 7 is my favorite.  It is a time line of places I’ve been, things I’ve done. My different art styles and personal pursuits and just maybe where I am going.

Do you have a favorite what about it appeals to you?


Until next time,




7 thoughts on “subject

  1. My number is 7 also.
    I love your posting about the koi. They are soooooo beautiful. I painted koi onto a duck egg and use it as a Christmas tree ornament.
    Here, the Great Blue Herons perch by such ponds and . . . . well, no description needed.

  2. #14. Something about being in the position of observer and suddenly coming upon this cat, licking her/his chops, and watching me. Caught me by surprise.

  3. I love the last one. I am guessing this is steam punk? TO me, it is very creative use of found objects into a KEWL garden stake! thanks for sharing!

    • Nancy – this is my second favorite – it is steam punk, however it is a table top design, and it is unfinished at this time. I’ve been debating where it is going from here. I will just have to wait and let it tell me when it is ready.

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