My friend and I set out for a little crafty adventure.

First a nice lunch of Pad Thai, a couple of glasses of wine and a visit catching up with the latest.

Then over to the house of another friend that was hosting an afternoon of card making.  Ordinarily this is not the sort of thing that either my friend or I would do.  But we were interested in giving it a shot.

There we were in a room with about 20 other women, and they all knew about this stamping/crafting thing.   My friend and I were a couple of fish out of water.

The set up was you paid a flat fee to make a certain number of cards.  The materials were all supplied and an example of each card option was presented at each station.

Card samples

First I stamped an image on the card stock – then I took  this metal outline thing that I placed over the image. Then I put that between hard plastic layers and then roll all that in through the embossing machine and voila you have your design cut out of the paper.

embossing machine

The hostess attempts to keep us straight.

Our first completed cards  – yes they do look similar but not alike

We each managed to not follow the instructions completely.

I didn’t stop there.  I muttered something about not playing by the rules and making my own up – to which one of the other women in the group laughed and the hostess replied – “she isn’t kidding, Kim never does what she is supposed to do.”

My friend is lucky to have such a large room set-up for all her crafting.

Nice racks to hold stamps and ribbons.

This group of ladies had turned it into a birthday party for the lady in the middle, they brought food and a birthday cake and they had a blast.  It was really rather sweet.

At the end of the day my friend and I each had a stack of lovely hand-made cards.  We enjoyed each others company and our new adventure.

Hope you had some time this weekend to do something creative.

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “stamped

  1. What a fun day! Maybe you should consider doing something like that with glass. A pre planned project that people can do to get their feet wet without having to learn about kilns and COEs just yet. Just the fun creative part. Hmmm…

  2. Rose is certainly a great teacher! I wish I could have been there yesterday but had to babysit! These cards are beautiful! We now have a paper crafting store on the downtown mall called Paper Ink on the corner beside the parking garage in case you are ever downtown. I work there three days a week and you can go to their website at Expecting a shipment of new dies in this week.

  3. kim, how individually creative can one get with this method? ie, can a person completely depart from ‘the expected’ and go for broke and come up with something that’s absolutely beyond anything anyone else would ever dream of, or do? Does the craft allow for such possibilities?

    • You can get very creative with this method – this particular time though, the process was already set up with the materials all set. Lots of possibilities – only limited by your imagination – something you don’t lack!

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