Max and Susie and the Kodak anastigmat camera

Himself and I went on a walking tour of our local village over the weekend.

A sunny day with temperatures in the high 30’s.

We had the entire village to ourselves. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Eventually we saw a local come out of their home.  I thought I was safely spying with the camera from a distance.

I got caught.  It is always a gamble taking photos of people you don’t know, as you never know how the are going to react.

I prefer to take photos of people doing what they do naturally, non posed and preferably unaware that I am even taking their picture.

These two gave me away, meet Max and Susie five month old brother and sister.

Max keeps an eye on Susie at all times.

Susie keeps an eye on me, as she is quite suspicious.

Mr. Lewis, the gentleman that these two cats own, was a ham.  As soon as he realized I was across the road with the camera taking pictures he turned it on for me.

Happy to show off his sweet babies.  These were the first cats he had ever had.  You wouldn’t know it though he was so good with them.

He made this cute little squirrel feeder.

an introduction was made

and then Charles got friendly with Max

Then Mr. Lewis wanted to show me his.

A Kodak anastigmat camera, Holy Cow was this a beauty!

Mr. Lewis bought this camera and took his first pictures when he and the Mrs. got married.

The bellows were in perfect condition. This camera was well loved and taken such good care of.

What a privilege it was when he turned it over to me and showed me how to use it.

Very cool!

That equipment is a piece of sculpture and I can not believe I got to hold it and play with it.  Mr. Lewis, Max and Susie gave us a beautiful afternoon.

Thank you.

Until next time,



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