zoom zoom

Last week I managed to screw up my back.  Stupid thing really.  Wish I could say I was doing something  incredibly dangerous or interesting or athletic, simply not the case.

I have a game I play with Betsy.

I bend over slap my hands on my thighs, while jumping up in the air and yelling zoom zoom! – and off she goes running full speed in circles around the yard.  Her ears flapping in the breeze and her tongue hanging out. Then she drops to the ground and begins rolling around scratching her back.  She thinks it is the greatest game in the world.

This time when I came back to earth I managed to twist wrong and out went my back.  I’m not zooming at all right now – other than with the help of the pear martinis.

I’ve been spending way too much time staring at TV.

Mr. Bonez protests by marching back and forth in front of the tv.  He would prefer that I was outside with him doing something more entertaining.

Been eating way too much of this. Amaretto Pound Cake – recipe is here.

Drinking too much of this – Pear Martini for medicinal purposes of course.

I’m way behind on my photography classes, since I can’t go out and walk around taking photos.  I’ve been working on a secret.

Taking photos from my chair out of the window of the birds.   Husband went out in the freezing rain to wash window for me so that I could get better photos.  Didn’t help though.  I know better than to try to get a good shot through a window.

Thought this was cool  – in a I’ve had too many martinis kind of way.

Mostly I’ve been doing this.

Until next time,



3 thoughts on “zoom zoom

  1. Kim, sorry to hear about your back. It looks like you have quite a crew to tend to you though. Hubby was wonderful to wash the window for you – he should get some brownie points for that.

    I think the flying bird picture is very cool!

  2. Sometimes it takes something like that to force us to stop, ruminate, and rejuvenate. Sorry for your pain. But that wicked-good Amaretto cake recipe is calling me! Thanks for sharing it! Get better soon!

  3. I wish you’d landed the right way, too–but glad to hear you aren’t trying to be a hero and pretend you’re fine. In any case, winter is made for sofas and kitties and watching bird feeders. That IS a cool picture of the jay taking off! Hope you feel more yourself very soon.

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