life isn’t perfect

Mr. Wishes – that’s what my friend Tangerine Tabby calls my guy, and I’m liking that moniker so much I think I’m going to go with it.

Anyway as I was saying, Mr. Wishes and I took part in a murder mystery dinner birthday party with our special group of friends last night.  I’m really dragging this morning.

The murder took place on Grand Cayman Island.

The tropical escape came right on time.

Of course I took the camera, unfortunately, I forgot my tripod, or more accurately I didn’t take it because I’m still a little not good with the back and that was one more thing I didn’t want to deal with.

Embracing less than perfect.

In one of the photography courses I’m taking now, the teacher encourages us to keep and embrace the photos that we take that aren’t tack sharp.  Partly, so that we can look back and see how far we have come with our skills and partly because life isn’t perfect and sometimes when we let go and embrace the things that aren’t exactly like we think they should be – they are even better.  Okay, I added that second part, I was adlibbing.  Just like in the murder mystery last night.

Fun for me this morning to look over the photos that were taken last night, because Stuffy Barnacle, Buffy Tortuga and Wicket Ashworth all had their way with my camera last night.

It was a less than perfect, perfectly wonderful night.

Oh and the murderer was…

Until next time,



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