A little help from my friends

Mr. Wishes and I along with That Cat, packed our bags and went south for a little R&R.  There is a little place we have down in Florida, that melts away my cares, uplifts my spirit and restores my soul.

While away I was out of touch with my emails – it was both frustrating and liberating.  Sweet to find people contacting me wondering where I was and if I was okay.

I’m okay.

I got by with a little help from my friends.

Celebrated a birthday with a group that made the trip down south too.

The best of friends cooked a birthday dinner for me.

Sitting back with a glass of wine and my camera watching these special ladies create a meal for me truly is a memory that I will cherish for a very long time.

Pasta in a rosa sauce with bacon and shrimp – ah when I get this recipe, I will add it to the collection.

While the women were in the kitchen cooking this extravaganza the guys were out on the dock fishing.

And just when you think it can’t get any better…

In our back yard out by the water under a candle lit tree,

the sun set on Valentine’s Day as seven friends gathered for a ceremony to renew our wedding vows.

A simple ceremony with a heartfelt message officiated by our dear friend.

Floating flamingo candles were lit and tossed into the water to float away our well wishes and commitments to each other.

When the drop down to the water extinguished the flames we opted to toss our flowers into the water instead.

As night fell we watched the flowers float away.

Mellowing with age, perhaps –  knowing that the best things in life aren’t fancy, expensive or necessarily planned but are genuine and from the heart.  I get by with a little help from my friends.

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “A little help from my friends

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic vacation!

    I’m surprised that That Cat made the trip too! He must be quite mellow – my kitties would freak out if I interrupted their routine.

    • Lisa – one word or two kitty downers. Actually TC travels quite well, and loves to go to FL, because he is the king of the hill and has no competition for our attention from all the other cats. He was once feral and though he has made great progress with his social skills he doesn’t like to be picked up, so I have to medicate him so that I can get him in the car. Our trip home was the first time I did not give him drugs. I was able to pick him up and get him in the car – a few scratches later, but I got him in.

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