tai chi steam punk

little victories.

I’m celebrating a crazy good kind of thing  – this week I was able to run the vacuum cleaner for the first time in a month since hurting my back.  No worries, that doesn’t mean the house hasn’t been cleaned in a month.  Mr. Wishes has been doing all the cleaning, and a good deal of the cooking – he even did it all while we were away on vacation.

One of my favorite activities is hanging laundry on the clothes line to dry – I know, call me crazy but it is a comfort activity.  I was able to that this week too.

Finally a big one – I drove the car and went to the grocery store all by myself for the first time in a month – woo hoo!  Who knew grocery shopping could be so exciting!

Accomplishing these tasks  make me feel like I have regained some of my independence.

Had high hopes for vacation.

I planned to acquaint myself with Tai Chi, as several of my artists friends have recommended it as a useful means to help restore my mental and physical well-being.

I purchased a CD and a book and had them shipped to where I was staying  while away.

I had fooled myself into believing that once I arrived in Florida to my special happy place that all my aches and pains would go away and I would be able to sleep like a baby after practicing this exercise.  Nope.

My dear friend Millie, who reminds me in her special, gentle encouraging ways to stay true to my dreams –  hooked me up with this book.

I planned to spend long hours sitting by the water reading – that didn’t happen either.

Back home now.

Along with celebrating driving and vacuuming and laundry hanging thing, I’m also happy to say that I have finally been able to spend time out in the studio working.

I’ve taken the Tai Chi video out to the studio, I’m not at the point yet where I can try to practice anything on it, but thought I might at least be able to listen while I am working.

Finished this fused glass, steam punk cuff bracelet that I have been working on for months.

started a new project (below) which will be attached to a black tote bag when completed.

Starting to feel like myself again.

What little victories are you celebrating?

Until next time,



18 thoughts on “tai chi steam punk

  1. I have never done Tai Chi myself, although i have always wanted to. You always see pictures of serene-looking people outside doing it. So now i have a mental image of Kim outside by the pond in her pjs with the clean laundry flapping like crazy behind her. How the passerbys will talk!!! 😉 get well.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. After my surgery, Mr. Tabby had me do a driving lesson to make sure that I could drive myself to work. Talk about no independence!

    Have fun in the studio. Love the bracelet. Refrain from dancing with the dog until you are back to 100%! Tai Chi is supposed to be great. Let us know how that goes!

  3. We are very encouraged to hear your back is easing up. Whenever we go on holiday,I have lists of things I say I’m going to do, and then the holiday itself determines what actually happens, and usually for the better.

    My little victory is that my doctor has taken me off of Crestor and told me I’ve successfully gotten my cholesterol numbers down into the safe zone through exercise (swimming) and diet (lost 30 lbs) alone. I was taking two blood pressure meds, and now that’s been reduced to one. The yuck side is that I pretty much eat the same things everyday, (no sugar, no white flour) and have a self-imposed ban on eating anything at all between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. However, it has now been 5 months, and it’s like I’ve always done this, so I don’t feel deprived anymore. But jeez, the first two weeks were hell, and I’m serious.

    • Wow Lance I am so impressed and happy for you and maybe a little bit jealous, but mostly happy for you. I’ve cut back on the sugar, and trying to get moving more. I figure I didn’t get to the place that I am overnight and I am not going to get better in a blink of an eye either. Shucks!

      • I didn’t do it because I wanted to. I did it because I HAD to. (kicking and screaming) And it has taken months, and you are absolutely right . . . nothing’s in ‘a blink of an eye’. But . . . it does happen, and then we feel great. And I admire you for helping us by blogging your efforts.

  4. Glad your mobility and movement are returning, Kim. Love the bit about the joys of hanging laundry. I’ve been reading more about how happiness is derived from the savoring of simple pleasures. We “think” that big vacation or new car is going to make us happy, but we tend to get more bang for the buck, excuse the crass capitalist framing, by less dramatic experiences or acquisitions.I’m also starting to see happiness as less of a goal and more of a byproduct…

  5. If you’re going to drive, make sure you are in the Erlanger Safety Wagon – it will get you where you want to go, though you may feel like you’re going in circles……….Love and hugs, M

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