the wishing tree project

I’ve started a new project and I hope that I am able to get readers from all over to participate.

I have a very special tree outside my studio, it is a pecan tree. I know you think it looks like a normal tree.

But it has magical powers –  a gift from nature.

I have hopes, dreams and wishes.

You have hopes, dreams and wishes.

I got to thinking about the fact that no matter how different we all may be, we share our desire to have our wishes and dreams come true.  If we didn’t all have something to dream about, aspire or simply wish for – what would life matter.

This is how it works:

I have chosen to write my wishes on pieces of paper from old books along with sketches and words of good faith.  You may write yours on paper, a card, piece of fabric, something that has special meaning for you. Remember though it has to be rolled and slipped into the opening of a wine bottle.

The wish is rolled up and tied ever so gently with a piece of hemp.  It is placed in a bottle, sealed, tied with a ribbon to help the wish float into the air and be received by the universe and on the way to fulfillment.

The bottle is hung from the branch of the wishing tree.

Join me, write your wish down and let it begin the journey, bring it to the studio if you are local, or mail your wish to me, and I will place it in a bottle and hang it for you.  If you have a special bottle or ribbon that you want used, send that to me as well. Make sure your bottle is sealed.

A special map will be marked to show where all the wishes have originated.

A fun project, to unite our wishes, celebrate nature and the joys of believing.

Until next time,



To learn more about The Wishing Tree Project and how to participate 

PS Please help me spread the word and get others to join by tweeting, or re-blogging – Thank you!

10 thoughts on “the wishing tree project

  1. I have a wish, a very personal wish, dream, hope. So very personal my eyes tear up when I consider it coming to fruition. I will put that wish into words to add to your wishing tree to eventually be received by the universe and hopefully fulfilled. My very best to you and to your wishing tree…..

  2. What a wonderul idea! I love the glass streamers that you have in the tree as well. No wonder the tree is a special tree.

    So, if I put the wish in a tequila bottle, is the effect stronger?

    • Lisa, the glass streamers are called ribbons of hope. I designed them to sell with the portion of the proceeds going to our local hospital with a project that is called Marianne’s Room, which supports cancer patients during their chemo treatment. I did this in honor of my dear friend that is a cancer survivor and she used the services at Marianne’s room.
      At our house everything is better with tequila! LOL I just happen to have a supply of those bottles on hand. Have a great day!

  3. You have such good ideas. My mother’s name is Marianne and she is a cancer survivor. Would you mind if I used your idea? I would send a portion of the proceeds to MD Anderson where my mother received her treatment. And, you are right tequila always makes things better – until the next morning!

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