This past week Charles and I lost a friend, 53 years young to cancer.  Her spirit is so strongly tied to our home that I felt we needed to honor her memory in a special way.  We purchased a nectarine tree on Sunday, to plant in her memory.

My parents came for dinner on Saturday.  My dad brought a lovely bouquet of camellia’s from his garden.

One of those really difficult things about this journey with my parents is that because my mom has Alzheimer’s, she sometimes exhibits behavior that is unpleasant and it makes it hard to like her.  I have to remind myself that she can’t help it and it isn’t my mom behaving this way; because in her mind, I’m not her daughter.

Our visit on Saturday was pretty good and I feel so lucky to have this time, even when the quality isn’t that great, for life is so fleeting and you never know when it will end.

Our magnolia was magnificent these past few days, now it is covering the ground in pink snow.

My sunday was full with Sisterhood Sunday – a day of crafting and camaraderie and cocktails with the ladies in the studio.

The next Sisterhood Sunday will be April 15th, all are welcome to join.

Until next time,



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7 thoughts on “pink

  1. Kim, so very sorry for the loss of your friend. I’m sure your newly planted tree will be such a beautiful tribute to their memory. Thanks for the pretty pictures, what a beautiful magnolia tree!

  2. So sorry about your friend but love the idea of planting a tree in her memory. Life is so short! And wishng you the best with your mom. It is so hard to face situations where you can only love the person but not be able to physically help them. Hugs,

  3. Thank you for including us in your recent loss and symbolic remembrance. There is perhaps no more soulful a way of commemorating the ongoing spirit of one who’s now beyond than the planting of a tree. They have their seasons and share their moods with us as well as shade, while providing new oxygen to breathe and giving us hope for tomorrow. I know her spirit will linger beneath the branches.

  4. Kim your magnolia is simply stunning, how amazingly full it is, just gorgeous! I love all the photos you post of your beautiful garden they’re very peaceful to look at and as you know I love flora and fauna, so it’s wonderful to see elements from another country. Liza xxx

    • Liza – I just love the magnolia too. I too enjoy when you post photos of trees and such that we do not have here in the states. I dream of visiting your country some day. Best, Kim

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