payback and phlox

Uh some of you may recall that I made a little fuss about my slow internet speed – and as they say payback is, well you know what they say.  I just came off a couple of day internet hook-up detox, thanks to a lightning strike that took out my life-lines.  I’m so happy to be hooked up again, no complaining from me – today anyway.

A gloriously beautiful spring, our red buds are as pretty as I have seen them in years.


I’ve been doing the covering and un-covering of tender plants the past two nights to protect from potential frost damage.

Seems all the fruit trees have made it through that delicate stage – so I’m hoping for a fruitful canning season – yes pun intended.

Asian Pear

We have a pair of black cap chickadees nesting in this hole in our cherry tree.  I’ve yet to be able to catch them with the camera.

Before I leave you with the sights and sounds of the pond for this week.  I want to share that I’ve been working on a great big tiny little secret and can’t wait for the big reveal.  So y’all come back soon.

The creeping phlox is blooming and cascading down the backside of the pond.  The water-lily have started to leaf out.  Yep, spring is here and yes my faithful companion thinks the video is all about him.


Until Next Time,



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12 thoughts on “payback and phlox

  1. I love that old bright eyes is wanting to be the center of attention. Makes the video even more special. Yes, I want my own pond! But wait — why have my own when I can come visit yours and YOU!


  2. Very pretty! I could sit out there for hours! (But I have to say, my favorite part was your white kitty — yes, I’m pretty sure he wanted to be the star!)

    • Thank you James – I use a Canon SX120IS – which I used to shoot the video because it isn’t high dev, and my upload speed is slow, slow, did I say slow. However, I use a Canon EOS 60D for most photos these days, and the P&S when I am trying to be a little more discrete. Best,Kim

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