therapy in the studio

Wonderful – that was my Saturday.  I think the group of ladies that came out yesterday and took glass class were pretty awesome.  There were four ladies in the group, two ladies that I had never met before and two that are in my everyday life.

Right out of the gate these women rose to the challenge

dove right in, blood rolling almost immediately, yup we had high drama.

Stacy cut her finger, breaking glass – but she was a real trooper and didn’t let that slow her down one bit.

Mr. Wishes dropped in to check on the progress

and give a few laughs

such concentration

Heather and Stacy each made a pendant and matching earrings

Karen made a chakra sun catcher

Breaking glass

LaDonna made a picture frame

I checked on the completed projects in the kiln this morning

and success!

At the end of the day the ladies had formed their new group called the Gushers and made plans to hook up and take another class together.

Tickles in my tummy for these ladies and what they accomplished.  I found out that for them same as for me, that it wasn’t just walking away at the end of the day with a completed project. There were so many boundaries that were not only crossed, but done so successfully and with such rewards.

We all talked about issues we had, and feelings of inadequacy and personal challenges we faced and stepping out of our comfort zone.  Two said they didn’t feel as though they were  “creative” people.

Then the magic of  art – completely losing and then finding yourself by means of working on a creative project.

When those ladies told me they felt like they had been through a therapy session and how rewarding it was for them.  I could have cried.  And I did.


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5 thoughts on “therapy in the studio

  1. Our group, The Gushers, had an incredible time! So much fun before, durning and after. As we all agreed, there will be a ‘next’ time when Stacy and Heather can hang out afterwards.

    Oh yes — how was the prom? 🙂

  2. I would love to have a therapeutic retreat here ~ such beautiful surroundings and the people are glowing with warmth and joy. I have a friend who just had twins; one lived and one died. She is grieving the loss of the firstborn, while celebrating the birth of the second baby. Such a bittersweet time for her. Maybe I’ll send her a link to your blog. Her name is Josephine, but she goes by Jo. Keep her in your prayers, if you are inclined to pray.
    Thanks for reminding all of us that creativity is healing!

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