hysteria and another wish

Mr. Wishes came home after work the other day and told me to grab my camera stuff – we were going for a little ride.  Music to my ears.

Down the road to a purple utopia.  Wysteria everywhere.

We jokingly call it Hysteria.

For many years, we tried like heck to kill it and remove it from our property.  The vine grew up into several trees killing them.  It traveled down the yard and across the garden choking out many of our favorite plants.  We worried about it coming up through the bottom of the pond liner and tearing a hole.  We called it hysteria as our alarm took on epic proportions.  The final blow that really sealed the deal  to remove it, was that it refused to bloom –  until the last year, when we were finally able to completely remove it.

This large patch (dare I call it a patch?) was so incredibly fragrant, I was completely intoxicated with the scent.  The wind was blowing crazy mad, making it hard to take the photos, but spreading that scent in swirls all around me.

I propped my tripod on the side of the road, trying like heck to capture this magnificent purple glow, but I found myself so nervous wondering what was in the ditch I was standing in (ticks, broken glass, snakes?) trying to hold the tripod steady and dodging the afternoon traffic that was flying down that country road at excessive speeds, that I finally had to pack it in.

Beautiful to see on property belonging to some else.

One final glance up the drive to the purple utopia as we drive away.

Until next time,



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4 thoughts on “hysteria and another wish

  1. These are such amazingly beautiful images! We do have this vine here in British Columbia, but because our growing season is short, it doesn’t have nearly the destructive effect. However, the one I keep trying to get rid of is . . . wait for it . . . Virginia Creeper (smile).

  2. That is a beautiful wisteria tree! Too bad you couldn’t get more photos but the ones you have are darling. I noticed some wisteria driving down I-64 the other day. I did not realize it was hard to get rid of, tho!

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