come home soon friend

The herb garden is just beginning to wake from winter (what winter) slumber.

Over the weekend, our home and garden were full with friends for an evening of cooking, eating and visiting.  Just as the sun hit that place in the sky that lights the world with a magical glow, the friends headed to the garden to collect herbs for the evening meal.

Down the path to the herb garden.

A hunt to find just the right herbs.

Mr. Bonez gives the guided tour through the garden.  He says, “come this way ladies.”

Is this the right one?





I think it went down my blouse!

This looks interesting what is it?


I learned that Lambs Ears were once used as bandages – I did not know that.

A nice meal was enjoyed.

A fire burned bright.

Beautiful friend, you will be in our thoughts and well wishes every single minute until you come home well.

We love you.

10 thoughts on “come home soon friend

  1. I just love it when you share your beautiful place with me. I felt like I was right there tasting, touching and smelling those delightful herbs in your garden. You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and they are blessed by you.

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