poker photos pond

Mr. Wishes played in a Relay for Life poker tournament yesterday, that was hosted by our friends.

At one point the host’s Dad had a good lead with oh so many chips.

A handsome young man with a lot of chips!

They reported this morning that twice as much money was raised than hoped for.  News received like that is a nice way to start our day.

I took the opportunity to walk around taking photos of their farm-house.

Had a great meal and conversation with friends that I don’t get to see often enough.

I was reminded about inner beauty when I, as did several of the other women in the group complimented our hostess on how beautiful her daughter has become.  She quickly said that her daughter has a soul ten times more beautiful than her outer looks.   Thank you for reminding me that what is inside a person is so much more important.

Wishing you all a peaceful and tranquil Sunday and asking that as you watch this relaxing video that you will cast a good wish on behalf of our dear friend that remains hospitalized.

Yikes!  I need to pull some weeds.

Until next time,



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Spring Open House and Sale at the studio is May 5th 9-3

10 thoughts on “poker photos pond

  1. The pond is looking wonderful. I see a spot for me to sit and enjoy while I tickle your white helper…

    Sending thoughts for your friend today.

  2. Many positive thoughts, wishes and prayers going out for our dear friend. We love you girly! XXOO

    And love the videos — thank you.

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