3D cool

I’m probably the only person on this planet that hadn’t seen the movie Titanic. Seems when I talk to people about it, they all say they have seen that movie x number of times.

I’ve never seen a 3-D movie either.   When the girlfriend invited me to go see Titanic in 3-D I was all over that.

Good thing we went to the 12:30 pm matinée, and that there were only 6 other people in the theater.  I made such a spectacle out of myself during the promos for other 3-D movies, grabbing for stuff floating in air, ducking in my seat and just generally laughing myself silly.  I had a way over the top psychedelic moment without any drugs – other than the stuff I took to help with motion sickness I get when I have big screen experiences.

Avatar – I love that movie, the girlfriend says it is a must see in 3-D.

I enjoyed Titanic.  Thought the story was pretty good. I would never have been able to sit through that long of a movie at home.  My ADD would have kicked in and I would have had to go do something else.

I’m into under-water exploration and sunken ship salvage, so the footage that showed the ship on the ocean floor was enjoyable.  Mr. Wishes and I watch a lot of that stuff on TV specials.  In my unprofessional opinion, newer made for 3-D movies most likely give a better wow factor.

No sunken treasure here, but it is relaxing.   The purple water iris are starting to bloom and the leaves on the water lilies are spreading nicely.  The fish are happy and hungry.  Yes, Mr. Bonez is in the video – lower left corner – I think the black frame blocks his appearance – he won’t like that – never steal a show from the cat!

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Big preparations are underway for the 3rd Annual Open House and Sale y’all come on by – May 5th 9-3.

5 thoughts on “3D cool

  1. Love, love, love your pond and listening to the fountain. So relaxing! So glad you were able to finally see Titanic and in 3-D! We usually see the regular movie vs 3D but that’s going to have to change. It sounds much more exciting to duck and grab in a movie than to just sit.

    • Hey Carol – thanks for enjoying the pond! 3-D pretty interesting. I’m not much of a movie goer, I just can’t sit still that long, I feel compelled to go do something else – like make stuff:)

  2. Love your pond, too. It is gorgeous and such a reminder of boyhood days. As for Titanic, when we emerged from the theatre my sister muttered, ‘I never ever want to hear the name ‘Jack’ again in my life.’

  3. The first daffodils opened yesterday–the crocuses are just finishing up and the tulips won’t be open for another week at least. So I envy you yet once again! But I adore this time of year and the cool sunny days.

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