old building what secrets do you have

Some twenty years I’ve driven past this old building wondering about the past history that is housed within.  Was it an old school-house?  Social Hall?

On a winding country road with nothing else around there it stands alone, but proud.  Though I’ve never seen anyone there, I like to think that caregivers come in the night and give it a little love and attention.

Perhaps there is a shady side, with questionable activities that take place in the wee hours of the night.  I don’t know, but I can tell you this.

I’ve had fantasies about relocating it to my property.  Ah what a grand studio space this would be.

Do you see old structures that capture your attention?

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10 thoughts on “old building what secrets do you have

  1. do a redcords search and contact the owners! I see an incredible studio and teaching space.. there could also be other available buildings…thanks for sharing.

  2. Stop and ask neighbors and local church or stores. I found a spooky old house I drive by to be inhabited( but it didn’t look it. ) by asking around at church and other people nearby. It looks so cool and spooky through the trees I dreamed of living there.This spooky house dweller always gravitate towards those…<3

  3. It really is a wonderful structure. If it really had a darker aspect to it, it would be windowless, one would think. To me, it looks for all the world like a one-room schoolhouse. Oh my, you are certainly right about what a fine studio space that would be. It would take you at least three months to fill it to the rafters with things you couldn’t find and wondered if you’d kept.

    • Lance – the windows have blinds that are closed, so I can’t see inside – drat! I’m too scared to walk around the back side and see if there are windows on that side too. The grass is tall and I don’t know that something might not reach out and grab me! Oh I don’t know, I think I could fill it almost immediately with junk and then wonder why did I keep this stuff!

  4. Oh, yea, I can totally see that as a studio! I’ve been scoping out old buildings lately, thinking romantic – renovation into studio thoughts….but then the alternator went out in my car and took my savings with it! Back to square one *sigh*

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