fresh paint

Over the weekend Mr. Wishes put a fresh coat of paint on our porch floor.  I removed the inches worth of pollen covering all the decorative pieces, and placed them back on the porch.

As I placed these objects I thought of how our front porch is the first thing visitors see when they come to visit.  I have items that have special meaning to us.  I wonder what they say about us?

A rooster wearing a purple beaded necklace – some jokester put the beads on the rooster when we were out-of-town.

A purple barrel that catches rain water, rest on a lion .

This fish aquarium now holds a stash of seashells and an old bottle brought back  from trips to the beach.

This special piece we brought back from a trip to the Caribbean.  I love all the texture.

Do you know what this is?  Yes, I do.

The blue of old canning jars can’t be beat.

They are perfect for holding a simple bouquet fresh from the garden.

I hung this nest from the ceiling a few years ago, Mr. Wishes had a bad encounter with the previous tenants.  This year, a pair of cardinals have been pulling it apart and using it to make their nest.

Nothing like a sprucing up of fresh paint to make you just want to sit and enjoy the view.

A bench to sit, a bed for a cat and a dog, an old wood trunk serves as my coffee table.  I could sit and dream for hours.

Can’t though, I’ve got too much stuff to do to get ready for the studio open house.

I leave you with a very short pond video.  Love pond has a quartet that serenades me throughout the day and night.  I’ve been trying like heck to capture these guys in the video, they are somewhat camera-shy, so I took the video from the porch – take a listen do you hear them?

And finally I ask,  are you a porch sitter?  What treasures do you keep on your porch?

Until next time,



Come sit on the porch and enjoy the view at the Studio open house and sale on May 5th.

17 thoughts on “fresh paint

  1. I’m so pleased to have been given a detailed tour, complete with stories. The items hold their own, but are made all the more wonderful by the explanations. I just love “Mr. Wishes had a bad encounter with the previous tenants”! hahahahahaha.

    • Hi Lance – Mr. Wishes does not laugh when recalling that little experience of the running through the yard waving away the attackers! Thanks for hanging on my porch for a while!

    • Melissa – I sit on the steps often too, usually with a cat in my lap. Pretend my porch is your porch – hope you have a pair of sunglasses, the colors are bright! They make me happy.

    • Anne – thank you for your kindness. I love the show of support. I’m a little on the busy side, as I have an open house for my studio in two weeks, Yikes! I sincerely appreciate the gesture though. Hugs! Kim

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