rain and sunshine award


Everything smells heavenly fresh and it is so very green this morning.  The birds are singing extra sweetly.  We needed the rain, although the timing doesn’t suit me as I have so much I need to be doing outside.

We didn’t need the power to go out last night, or on Thursday when it was perfectly sunny.  We have two generators, both are on the fritz now.

I’ve been waiting for the hummers to return, and they did this week.  I must have been in tune.  I gave the feeders all a good cleaning the night before their arrival – hows that for timing.

Mr. Bonez brought us a baby opossum Thursday evening.  I looked for the nest and momma, no such luck.  The baby was covered in larvae of I don’t know what (ick), as well as fleas.  I put a couple drops of frontline on him.  Placed him in a box with pine needles and leaves for the night. I included food and water; planning to take him to the vet in the morning.

Sadly he didn’t make it through the night.  He was so darn ugly cute, I knew the best place for him was a rehab center, but I did have fleeting thoughts of trying to raise him myself.  And I did the name game too.

Tears were on my cheeks this week when I opened the kiln each morning, seemed all my projects had gone wrong.  I told Mr. Wishes in all the years I’ve been working with glass I’ve never had this many disasters.

Finally a batch of jewelry came out alright.

It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so I sat outside and worked on the finishing touches.

A pair of blue birds returned for the second round of spring babies.  As I worked on the jewelry I could hear them singing sweetly.

They are camera-shy though, and preferred not to appear for me.

No pond videos this week; the pump blew up.  A replacement has been ordered.  As I lay awake in the very dark of the night with the power out, the quiet of the still waters came through my open window.

Gratitude for having my blog nominated for another award.  Zen and Genki a lovely blog with beautiful photos and uplifting thoughts and fun stuff, (please go and check out the blog) nominated my blog for the Sunshine Award.

Life is kind of crazy busy now getting ready for the studio open house, and  I am unable to fulfill my responsibilities for this award at this time.  I am however tickled in my tummy with joy.

Until next time,



6 thoughts on “rain and sunshine award

  1. I understand the disappointment when you open the kiln. Happens too many times with fickle glass! That’s when I turn to jewelry or painting for a while to get some instant gratification. Next week will be better… Love your hummer picture!

    • Morning Lisa – I know you know all about the joys and disappointing, frustrating “fickle” glass, guess that is what keeps us coming back. Camera gives me the instant grat I need. Hugs

  2. I just came outside and am sitting on a rocker on the front porch while catching up on blog reading… and as i opened your page and started reading about the hummys, one joined me on the porch for a bit! So funny. Wonderful timing, indeed. The glass looks amazing! xoxo

  3. Kim, good luck with the open studio. Great pictures…especially liked the hummingbird…looking forward to their return here when spring finally arrives. Julie

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