why be ordinary

To all my blogging buddies – I’ve missed you so.  Please don’t forget me, I’ll be back in another week to read what you all have been up to.

Preparing for the big spring open house and craft show here at the studio takes so much time and concentration.  I’ve had a real bad case of the crazies.

Juggling my time in the studio creating new work; the kiln has been running 24/7.  Also, I’ve been creating new pieces for my Steam Whistles Design line, and picking a choosing photos to display for my photography obsessed personality.

I had to make two emergency vet visits last week, with two different cats.

Both cats are on the mend now, and TC, pictured above even feeling well enough to come out and supervise a little.

For some reason, I’ve really struggled with finding the right focus and mind-set for this open house.  Seems I’ve suffered a lot of set backs and disappointing events in preparing for this big day.  Things are good now, though.

Tents started going up over the weekend, in-spite of the rain.

Mr. Wishes and I came up with a new tent layout and I am pleased with the little court-yard area it is creating.

For the first time, we each took a tent and set it up on our own.  Normally, the control freak points the finger and says do it my way.

new jewelry

Steam Whistles Designs.

Putting the tents up and working on getting all the displays in place is super fantastic.  I finally feel as though every thing is falling into place. The energy surrounding the studio is magical.

It is going to be a wonderful open house.

Why indeed?

Until next time,



3 Wishes Studio Open House is Saturday May 5th 9-3

12 thoughts on “why be ordinary

  1. Your jewerly is stunning! I also love the layout of the tents and it looks like everything is settling in nicely. I hope lots of customers and friends come out to visit. So missing this!

  2. your place is just so sweet and welcoming! i would love to go and nestle into that courtyard for your open house. so sorry to hear about your babies, and glad they are alright! xoxo

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