shy no more the cat’s outta the bag!

A blissful tranquil day me and the cats all hanging out and working on restoring our spirits.

Joey Bear sleeping in his favorite spot under the rosemary

I had a horrible scare over the weekend when baby Joey went missing for a few days.  Upon his return on Monday morning he, with cat attitude tried at first to act like nothing had happened.  Then he began telling me the tale of his big adventure and how very happy he was to be back safe and sound at home.  And maybe he wasn’t cut out for walk-about.  Could I please hold him, a lot.  My pleasure.  It was also my pleasure to follow him with the camera.

Mr. Bonez and Joey lounging in the herb garden

The best friends are so glad everything is back to normal in their cat world. Mr. Bonez was beside himself missing Joey those few days.

This tranquil restorative time was broken when I received a message, that left me scratching my head. This message prompted me to go and get my newspaper.

You can only imagine my surprise/horror to find splashed on the front page of my local paper; in living color  – no less, a photo of my house.  Me shy, deeply private holding on to my anonymity hiding in my secret refuge there front and center.  An article about my art studio open house – only instead of a photo of the studio….

Which begs the question, why do I find it easier to share private intimate details with complete strangers on my blog then with local folks?

With the best cat attitude I can muster, I’m cool with this.

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “shy no more the cat’s outta the bag!

  1. I was afraid you were going to say that Joey hitched a ride with a weekend customer and that is why he went missing. Glad to know he is fine – love the photo with his friend. I think about how I dubbed him Moses because he showed up when my front yard was under water up to my porch (2′) and he was on the “porch island”. The press…oh my – they alot to account for!

    • Crazy K – Joey(Moses) went missing after our wild party on Friday – I was just about to contact all and ask if a black cat had recently shown up at their place – for fear he may have gotten in someones car and gone home with them. Happy to have him back. Yes, I remember well the morning you showed up cradling that tiny little kitten in the palm of your hand:) Don’t even get me started on RV!

  2. I don’t get that paper, but it looks like a nice article. Next year, maybe they could write about everything the week of the show?! Hope it brings you some business! Take care.

  3. Wow! That is fantastic. You are a celebrity!

    And, so glad Joey came home. He knows where he belongs! This is turning into a great week for you.

  4. I’m so glad your boy is home safe! Sometimes I wish our pets could talk to tell us what they’re up to when we’re not around. Hilarious about your house on the paper; small towns are so goofy and sweet. I am pretty private, too, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about that either 🙂

    • Emily – I’ve thought about attaching a kitty cam to the collar of my cats before so I could see for myself about their big adventures.
      Small townisms you have to embrace them. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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