Cottage #3 – a charming little gift shop

About twelve years ago, at a charity auction Mr. Wishes bid on and won, the cutest cottage style storage building.  He presented it to me as my new work studio.  I used it for a few years, loved the space.  Admittedly all the while dreaming and scheming.  Scheming to take over his then work shop and turn that into my studio space.  Happened too.

I’ve realized for sometime now, that my work and my goals have shifted direction.  I felt the universe was signaling a time for me to make changes in the form of what and where my creative endeavors went.  More time teaching, more time sharing creative thoughts with other women.  All this was creating a need for more space.

Occasionally people contact me wanting to come out and purchase directly from me.  It isn’t like I have a mob of people who do this, but it is often enough I need to have my work out for viewing.  I’ll be ready when that big swarm arrives!

I began planning to set up shop in the building below, and  just when I thought I had it all as it should be; then things changed.  In the end I realize that those unexpected changes happened for the right reason.

Plan A – I thought this was going to be my new gift shop

I began cleaning out this building. Plotting, cleaning scheming and consulting with a dear friend from afar.  This was going to be my new display area.

A couple of twist and turns later, and a completely different building, my dream is becoming a reality.

previously used as my storage area for my displays and supplies

almost emptied

Mr. Bonez is helping

Betsy helps too.

Starting to set up the displays

Steampunk rings resting in a tea-cup full of dried lavender

There is much to do yet, however  I am having fun with it.

The shop will be open the first weekend of each month 11:00-3:00  other times by appointment.  The first weekend will be June 2nd & 3rd.  If you are interested in more information read here.

Until next time,



p.s. This is one of those nail-biting post that caused a great deal of uncertainty.  Should I post this or not?  My finger is hovering over the publish button…

3 Wishes Studio

12 thoughts on “#3

  1. I’m glad you pushed the button! I don’t live nearby, but if I did, I would come over and hand out with everyone and buy some stuff. 🙂 It looks great!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on a next step! I admire you so much for your courage, your creativity and your talent…What a wonderful new space.. GREAT JOB!

    a butinsky suggestion: Paint the inside white NOW before the space is too full … I did so at my MDRenFaire booth and can not believe what a difference the white paint made… and it can be easily decorated if you choose.


    • Nancy – thank you for your kindness and for butinsky remark! LOL yes, the plan was to paint white inside top to bottom. Mr. Wishes gave me a whatforin for not waiting. I put the cart before the horse – as usual. It is going to happen though. Best, Kim

  3. Oh how wonderful! I’m so delighted that you are moving in this direction. I can’t wait to experience it first hand and shop, shop, shop!

  4. Oh, that is just charming beyond charming! I wish I lived closer. Just thrilled for you as you embark on this new adventure! Hoping to see more pics as things move along 🙂 All the best and success to you, my friend.

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