jump like a frog flail like a turtle

During one of my morning walks this week, I came across this friendly little frog.

hello little frog

He was more than willing to allow me to take a few photos.

I don’t like for people to see me doing this, but I laid down on the ground next to him.  I like to get down on the ground and shoot from the subjects level.

Quite frankly though, I’ve lost my grace and  nimbleness with my age and extra weight.  Getting down on ground level isn’t a pretty sight.

Those eyes, I can lose myself in them.  The colors and the layers that create depth, and catch the light, that is what I want to capture both with my glass work and my photography.

Problem is, getting back up after I finished taking the photos.  I feel like a turtle flailing on my back flapping my little appendages trying to right myself.

Something has to be done about this!

A group of my lady friends and I have signed up for our local women’s 4 miler trainer program .  It will be  11 weeks of training.  The hardest part for me, will be getting up and into town at that early hour every Saturday. UGH, I really dread this.  I’m full of all kinds of anxiety and thoughts like – really what am I thinking?  I’ve never done anything like this, and quite frankly I’m scared.

Any of my local lady readers that care to join along are welcome.   I’m going to take my little point and shoot camera and document my progress.  So be warned – it may not be pretty.

Until next time,



10 thoughts on “jump like a frog flail like a turtle

  1. You’re not alone on that trek to “something has to be done about this”! I’m not scared but I DO NOT want to get up that early on Saturday. However, I will, as I committed. My ‘sweetie’ said that it’s really nice when we lady friends enjoy each other’s company so much that we will do something like THIS to be around each other! LOL

  2. Good for you, Kim. Every woman I’ve ever known who has tackled this challenge–and many shared your level of trepidation–was glad she did. Really glad. Betting you will be too. Looking forward to the updates and the photos…”pretty” or not!

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