Sears Roebuck mechanized delights and coconut candy

This is the logo I remember most.

Do you remember back in the day when it was called Sears Roebuck, not just Sears?  My mother always felt it important to stress Sears AND Roebuck.

When I was a young child, trips to our local Sears, were an adventure in my eyes.  I didn’t know, or couldn’t have cared less what the reason for the shopping excursion; except at the holidays when I knew I was going to be sitting on Santa’s lap having my picture taken and getting to tell my secret wishes to him.

Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes

In the middle of the store was a grand and magnificent candy counter.  Ooh so many luscious looking treats, chocolate and vanilla with and without nuts.  Colorful candies, hard and soft.  What I wanted were the Brach’s coconut squares pink white and brown, oh how they called out to me.  Rarely did my parents hear that call and answer.

In the opposite direction was the jewelry counter.  I did not have eyes for any of the sparkly, shinny jewelry.  No it was the little man behind the counter I couldn’t take my eyes off of.  When I say little man, I mean a midget as we called little people back in those days.  I got a whatforin from my parents on more than one occasion for staring.  They didn’t want me to be disrespectful, which couldn’t have been further from my mind. How could I be disrespectful of an elf?  After all, that’s what I thought – he was one of Santa’s elves.  It stood to reason, if that is the place that I went to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas, surely this was one of his elves hard at work.

I stared at the cool pneumatic stool that he had that he could lower and raise as needed to work on his jewelry and watches.  That was like an amusement ride in my mind.  The enormous magnifying light attached to his work bench was serious stuff.  The one he wore on his head was beyond space defying cool and then there were the tools.  Oh so many small little screw drivers and pliers and this and that I didn’t know what they were.  The black velvet cloth that he unfurled and placed on the work bench before placing the objects to be worked on.  All of it was of great fascination and I’m convinced that seeing this man work his trade had a great influence on my desire to work with jewelry and to take things apart and put them back together.

Across the store were appliances. In that department stood a dishwasher with a glass front door.  They had it demonstrating the supreme wonders of mechanized automation.  We did not have a dishwasher and I was convinced it was the most incredible thing on this earth.  I wonder if my mother felt the same, she never expressed an opinion one way or another.  Perhaps it was because she had three young girls that did her dish washing for her.

I could stare forever at that water whirling around those dishes.  I remember on one occasion when my dad gave in and bought me some of that coconut candy.   I stood there eating that candy and staring at that dishwasher – life couldn’t have been any better at that moment.

Suddenly I’m seven years old again and I am anxiously waiting my glass top automated – not dishwasher, but washing machine.  That’s right today my new washing machine is being delivered and it has a glass top.  The only thing I need now is some coconut candy.

What memories do you have a favorite department store excursion?

Until next time,



9 thoughts on “Sears Roebuck mechanized delights and coconut candy

  1. Hey Kim – You have an AMAZING memory! I remember Sears Roebuck, but have no memories of the inside. That was obviously a special place for you when you were young. Thanks for sharing from the eyes of a little girl and congrats on your new washing machine!!!

    • Good Morning Kathleen – how’s things in your neck of the woods? Funny how our memory works, what we do and don’t remember. Yes, going to Sears was a big deal for me. New washer is pretty cool and yes, Mr. Wishes and I did stare at it last night while it did magic. A pair of ninny’s with nothing better to do! LOL

  2. Wow – you totally transported me back in time! My Mother as a child cut up the Sears AND Roebuck catalog to make their own paper dolls. When the Christmas Wish Book came out – the world stopped until we had drooled our ways through it from cover to cover, carefully folding over the edges of the pages with the toys we wanted!! My Mother also loved the coconut candies – actually anything with coconut. You would have loved her as she had a purple bedroom and bathroom long before purple was chic and would have totally loved your decor. I have never seen a clear top washer – did you consider a front loader? What drove your decision?
    Cheers! K

    • Crazy K – I would have enjoyed getting to know your mom. mmm coconut, anything purple and well you know… All those fancy new washing machines are way out there. As you know, our old house isn’t built to fit all that newfangled big stuff. Front loader just seemed uncomfortable to me. They tend to stand taller and I have a shelf in that back hallway where the washer is that prohibits anything too high. I think I’m going to really like this machine it is a Whirlpool. The sumthing sumthing drum mechanism helped make the decision on this purchase, as the way it is built is something Charles is familiar with in his line of work and he gave the thumbs up.

  3. After I had been adopted by my wise old grandmother and living in Kingsville, Texas, we used to go on shopping trips to Corpus Christi. There was a huge Joske’s there, in an 8-story building. On the eighth floor was the stamps and coins (and other hobbies). I was a stamp collector, so I loved it up there. However, I loved looking out the windows at the Gulf of Mexico as much as I enjoyed the stamps.

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