what became of the dog

MK – this is especially for you.

Many of you contacted me wanting to know the rest of the story –  Stormy’s story that is.  If you missed the first part, you may read it here.

Stormy Weather

I’ve hesitated to write more about this little dog, as there have been so many twists and turns. I’ve been fairly unsure of the outcome. Here is the short version.  After talking with her previous owner we came to an agreement that Stormy would come to live with us.  However, Stormy went missing for several days, returned and then went missing again for a day.  She is back with us now.  Hopefully to stay.

Yesterday Stormy was sick all day, and I didn’t know if it was a sick that needed doctoring or if it was a sick that just needed a day feeling blah.  I opted to wait and see.

Stormy is eating again today and happy to sit at my feet while I have my breakfast, so it seems that she is okay.

Betsy and Stormy are just a pair of old girls.  They occasionally argue and fuss just like old women and yet they seem pretty happy with each other.

Stormy cleans Betsy’s ear

They are both incredibly jealous and afraid that one is getting something the other should have.   Food, followed by my affection seems to be  high on the list of things to vie for.  I am working hard to show equality.

Speaking of equality…

Henry keeps them both in line

Henry reminds them that he is older than both of them and as a cat, far superior.  No equality as far has he is concerned and doesn’t mind a quick swipe at either one to keep them in place.

lets go do some dog stuff and leave the human and the cat behind

I think Stormy has found her forever home.

Until next time,



15 thoughts on “what became of the dog

  1. Anxious to meet all your Critter Babies./ Children…If we get there a little early would that be impolite or selfish (to have a little time to you and Charles for ourselves) I am not sure what our travel time will be but Daddy said maybe we could get there early for me to get a tour if it was ok with you and not going to put you in a bind as the hostess.??

  2. I love this story! Thanks for being an animal lover – and saver. You and your home will surely be blessed by your act of kindness and love for this dear dog.

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