a stormy spell

Part 1

Part 2

My heart is horribly heavy with pain and guilt.

I’ve been told that guilt is a useless emotion.  I don’t think I agree. I think guilt separates us from the beasts – whatever they may be, gives us a conscious and lets us know when we are and aren’t on the right path.

I have something really awful that I have to tell you and I don’t know how, or even if I should.

The girlfriend said I should go ahead and get it over because people will  keep asking as there has been so much previous interest.  I agree.  I said I would be honest when writing my blogs and therefore I feel I owe  it to you to tell you this sad news.

I tried to do the right thing, emotionally, morally and within my financial constraints.  I feel I failed.  I accept my failure and it makes me feel guilty.

Without too many details – there was a horrible accident early last Monday morning with the end result being that I had to have Stormy put down.

Mr. Wishes and I receive excellent care and guidance from the doctors that care for our furry children.  They are our personal friends and help us when we have these awful decisions to make.  We are extremely fortunate to have them in our circle.

You all came along on my journey to bring love, care and compassion to a dog that truly just wanted to be loved and to live the last years of her life carefree.  I knew I wasn’t alone on this mission to make that a reality for this dog.   So many of you took the time to contact me personally and ask how she was doing and had she finally come to live full-time with us.  Thank you all for caring and asking.

Though our time together was incredibly short, I had grown quite attached to Stormy.  She was starting to show us her true personality.  She was easy-going, with a bit of spunk.  She had learned her new name quickly in-spite of not hearing well. In the end, her lack of hearing is what did her in.

Stormy truly was a companion dog, she wanted to be with people.  She slept comfortably in the studio while I worked and each morning when I took my walk, she followed along.   I received my one and only kiss from her the day before we lost her.  I knew there were going to be so many more.  We had taken a shine to each other and I had fallen under her spell.  I wasn’t alone, Mr. Wishes thought she was special too.  The cats accepted her easier than I ever would have guessed and Betsy Beagle had finally found a friend.  Sadly, Betsy is still looking for Stormy to return.

Stormy was ever so briefly in our lives, and will be missed horribly.


15 thoughts on “a stormy spell

  1. Once again, my eyes welled up with tears. I’m so sorry for your loss and will be there if you need me through your grief.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It is amazing how animals can touch your soul – even in such a short time. My thoughts are with you and Mr W.

  3. Sweet Kim….release all guilt my dear friend. You and Mr. Wishes touched the life of Stormy the same way her did yours. I told “Cowboy Cody” (my angel pup) to show him the ropes up there. I’m sure these two rascals are sliding down double rainbows and cuddling with fluffy angels just about now. Keep trusting the Universe knows what it’s doing even if it doesn’t make sense to us…it will one day.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about this, Kim. I had to have my beautiful Golden Retriever, Tess, euthanized and it was the hardest decision to make. Stormy was blessed by the time she spent with you, as you were with the time spent with her. I don’t know or understand why hard things like this happen, but I know she couldn’t have spent her last days in any better place than being loved and cared for by you. ((((hugs)))))

    • Kathleen – I don’t understand either. I came across the quote “everything happens for a reason”, which I do believe, but hard to understand right now. Thanks for your kindness.

  5. oh, kim! it is at times like these i wish i were better about keeping up with my blog reading. SO sorry to hear about this loss. I do know how quickly an animal snuggles its way into one’s heart, and how distressed and sad you must feel to have lost Stormy so soon. I am glad you got at least one kiss, that sounds very special. Sending a hug and a lot of good thoughts for you and your animal family! xo

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