whispers from trees

The other morning I was doing my daily exercise training walk around the perimeter of our property.  For whatever reason I was having a tough time.  Every single step was a struggle.  The temperature was low, the humidity was low and there was a nice breeze blowing, so I couldn’t blame the weather.  I realized it was the storm inside my head that I had to quiet.   I was having a mental struggle to be where I needed to be in order to complete my task.

I made myself focus on the nature around me.  I heard the leaves on the trees rustling and I was able to drift away in thought and forget the chore at hand, at least for a while.

Last summer Mr. Wishes and I traveled with friends to Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.  While in those states I heard the trees, they sounded different then the trees in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

snow-capped mountains and forest with enormous trees that go on forever

When we were out west, I heard the quaking of Aspen for the first time.  It was a good sound. When I think about that now, I have visions of high snow-capped mountain ranges and vast fields, prairies, meadows full of flowers in bloom. Pure clean air  and cold mountain streams and lakes.

carvings on a quaking aspen – Jenny Lake

There was also the eerie sound of whistling as the wind caught in the burned out branches of trees caught in the great Yellowstone fire of ’88 and some more recent.

burned trees stand like skeletons stark and sculptural

Being the daughter of a forester, I learned to appreciate trees and forests at an early age.  It had always been a visual pleasure.  I fell in love with the home we now live in, the first time I saw it because of the big old trees on the property.

Then the time came when I could hear the trees whisper their own language.

A pair of palm trees that changed my perspective

I think the first time I was really aware that different species of trees create their own sound was while on a vacation in 2007.  We rented a home in South West Florida, that trip changed the way I heard trees.

We had vacationed many times over the years in Florida, the Caribbean and Bermuda.  However, this was the first time I had heard a palm tree or any tree, speak to my soul.

There were a pair of palm trees outside the lanai cage over the pool at the house we rented.  The sound from these trees captivated me.  There were constant gentle breezes that created a crisp and yet lazy sound when it caught the fronds of the palms.  This sound relaxed me while I drifted away the hours on a float in the pool, or sat and read a favorite book in a nearby lounge chair.

There were also incredible storms that came off the gulf of Mexico while we were there.  These storms spawned a tornado that stopped just a few streets over from where we were staying.  It was frightening while this was happening but in this case the strong winds made the fronds buzz as they whipped around, just like the spark from a lightning strike.  I heard those sounds and it said to my soul this is what vacation sounds like.  Gentle and calm, relaxing and a little excitement and drama thrown in for good measure.

as the rain continued to fall the sunset through the palm

Back in Virginia, now I can hear the trees whisper a gentle encouraging sound – stay motivated you can do it.  A quick look at my pedometer and I realize that while I had lost myself in thought reliving these vacations and those whispers from the trees, that I had reached my goal.

Do you hear the trees whisper?  What do they say to you?

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “whispers from trees

  1. Ah yes, the sounds of nature….oh wait, not “nature calling” – sorry, forgot myself there for a minute…..Ah yes, the sounds of nature, the birds chirping, water lapping in a brook as it works its way over the pebbles and rocks in the stream. Yes, I too enjoy the sounds of nature. And, the smells, oh the smells….

  2. I loved this post, being a tree-hugger before it was a term I’d ever heard. I grew up under the shelter of redwoods, where silence reigns. Listen…do you hear the hush? Now I live among oaks and hickories. You’re right~ they do all have their own voice don’t they? Also color and gestalt. I noticed this one misty winter day when I’d refused to wear the glasses I increasingly need. I found I could still tell my “friends” apart by the color of their bark as it responded to the moisture in the air. Wonderful trees….

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