crafting quietly

Last Friday, storms came in the night, wreaking havoc from one end of the Commonwealth to the other.  Blissfully the worst for the Wishes family was a loss of power for 24 hours straight, and then a second loss for a night.

I  made an arrangement to enjoy with the hollyhocks that were knocked down by flying tree branches

I didn’t enjoy the near 100 degree temperature sans air conditioning.   I flung open the windows to try to capture what little breeze I could.  I needed quiet, still activities to calm the heat swirling all around me.

Out to the studio I went to retrieve my embroidery supplies.

A sweet little craft project that didn’t require electricity or for me to exert much energy.  Perhaps best, I got to use some of my endless stash.

I used old and new material, handkerchiefs that belong to my father-in-law and my embroidery thread.

vintage material

embroidery thread – yummy colors

A few beads for pretty.

shiny new glass beads and old buttons

Simple, easy stitches

I spent the day quietly sewing.  I found myself completely content, so much so I’ve continued to work on some new little projects.

I’ll show some of the finished projects next time,



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